Introducing the iland Enterprise Cloud Services Portal

iland Enterprise Cloud Services Portal is an intuitive, easy-to-use web interface that offers visibility into your VMware vCloud powered iland cloud. It gives you the transparency you need to monitor your environment and manage your cloud resources effectively in terms of cost, performance, regulatory compliance, and support.

Monitor and manage your cloud from any mobile device with the iland Cloud app, available for download from both the Google Play store and the Apple iTunes App store.

Control Costs

Get clear visibility into how your resources are being used.

Simplify Management of Cloud Resources

The ECS portal utilizes similar statistics to those in VMware vCenter so no new training or expertise is required by your staff to monitor your public cloud.

Maximize Performance

View performance statistics for your cloud environment including real-time, last hour, last day, last week and last month.

Enhanced Visibility

Utilize the Change Log that provides user accountability by allowing you to track who changed what and when within your multi-tenant cloud environment.