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Rebooting the cloud: When the power goes out in IT


Years ago, when we were architecting the iland cloud, iland was faced with a number of initial questions. We had to select hardware vendors for both servers and storage, and we had to make what felt ...
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Teaming with Veeam – Meet me in Dallas


On March 4th, I’m joining Veeam in Dallas, Texas for a half-day seminar organized for service providers and resellers interested in offering Veeam services. I’m going for the networking and ...
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Veeam Cloud Connect Backup – Tips on How to Minimize Cloud Storage Requirements and Costs

Monday Sync1

Storage Management for Veeam Backups (Forward Incremental with Synthetic Full backups) iland Cloud Backup leverages  Veeam Cloud Connect for a simple and affordable way to back up your data to ...
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Stuck Watching Downton? It’s full of lessons on cloud

Downton Abbey

My husband hates Downton Abbey. He likes to make jokes about the travails of Mr. Pemberly and his crumpets – and how Lady Billingsworth is clearly out of sorts.  He can’t – or won’t – accept the ...
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Are you wasting cloud?

Wasting Cloud

A recent WSJ article highlighted what many IT leaders have already learned: Cloud can be a real waste of money. Not unlike any utility, you can rapidly leave the lights on, the taps running, and ...
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Customer demand drives our data center expansion


Any business that wants to become successful - and keep it that way - relies heavily on keeping up with the latest technology, innovations and customer requirements. Even if you’ve invested all you ...
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The Cloud and the CMO

Cloud and the CMO

Much has been written lately about the emergence of chief marketing officers as major consumers of technology including the cloud.  This trend is true. In the 15 plus years that I have been in ...
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A Cloud to Suit you, Sir.


There is a time in life when you are faced with a purchasing decision. To consider long term and invest in the future which might initially seem more expensive?  Or to go with something cheaper but ...
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Hybrid cloud is the private cloud solution


Plenty of companies out there are building private clouds – or things they would like to call private clouds. As I lamented last week, the term cloud has lost so much meaning that I’m not sure a ...
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Cloud = more IT job security, not less

Cloud Opportunities

Not so long ago it seemed that the discussion of cloud within the walls of the IT department at many an organization was a big “don’t go there”. Cloud was a menacing ogre that once it got its ...
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