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Your cloud metadata is your own

Is your cloud provider keeping secrets?

There’s a lot of hype around general metadata in the media. In fact, it’s somewhat painful listening to broadcast journalists wax poetic about technology like that. And yet, there is a kernel of truth ...
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Secrets Kept by Cloud Providers are Threatening Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

Secrets Kept by Cloud Providers

We recently conducted a survey of experienced cloud executives with the help of Forrester Consulting. The full results can be found in Is Your Cloud Provider Keeping Secrets? Get a taste of the ...
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DRaaS Myths Busted – View the On-Demand Webinar


In countless industry surveys, IT leaders consistently list Disaster Recovery as a major priority. And, yet, DR so often gets left on the IT To Do list – relegated to that lonely category of “really ...
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Pom Poms for Compliance


There’s a specific phrase I’ve used many times, and it goes a little something like this: “pom poms for compliance!” My shrink would tell you that my use of the phrase is a “coping mechanism” for ...
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Cloud – the Start-up’s Best Friend


There is no doubt that the start-up community has received a huge boost from cloud computing. While cloud computing delivers many benefits for Enterprises, you can multiply these benefits by ten-fold ...
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It’s Opener There, in the Wide Open Air


I am the first to mutter a cuss word when some horrid commercial on TV invokes the cloud. Usually, that bleepin’ cloud is nothing more than email. Or a photo sharing site. And I just hate that what I ...
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Snopes for Disaster Recovery: Busting Myths


Next week, we’re doing a webinar with a Mythbusters theme around disaster recovery. I actually almost want to change it to a Snopes theme, after spending some time on that wonderful site this morning, ...
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New face at iland and 4 cloud hosting trends


Yes, I’m new to iland – I joined as Director of Product Marketing last week!  Having spent my first week familiarizing myself further with iland services & customers, it’s reassuring to see that ...
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See iland at Interop London and Meet William Fellows at London Technology Week

London Tech Week

I'm joining our UK team in London this week and excited to be sponsoring Interop London as well as hosting an executive reception with a keynote address by William Fellows as part of Technology Week ...
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iland is at Cisco Live – and Dante Orsini & Justin Giardina spoke today!


Today, iland’s very own Dante Orsini & Justin Giardina just presented at Cisco Live. Flanked by trees and a picket fence on stage, it was clear from their animated presentation that iland is ...
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