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The Data is Next to the Trowel


Our head of ops, Phil, sent me an article today that got me thinking about how we store our data. News from down under -- about medical records stored in a garden shed. I’m sure it was a reasonable ...
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What’s the Big Diff? Disaster Recovery vs. Backup


I usually start writing a blog when a topic gets stuck in my craw – and this topic has got little tiny barbs clinging to my craw. Also, I should look up what a craw is, and whether I really have ...
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Breaking down “anything as a service”


I recently read an article by brilliant innovator, Irving Wladawsky-Berger in the Wall Street Journal. I remember Irving fondly from my first job at IBM after business school, working on the Grid ...
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Don’t become a casualty of the cloud wars!


So much has been written in the media about the price wars between cloud vendors and the battle royale that is unfolding. But, so little has been written about the impact on the customer.  Everyone ...
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Back [up] to the Future: Securing your data with Veeam Cloud Connect


As you may have seen, Veeam, one of our esteemed technology partners, announced the upcoming version of their Availability Suite. As part of that release, they are introducing Veeam Cloud Connect, a ...
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Leveraging VMware Technology To Build an Enterprise Grade OpenStack Cloud – It’s Not Always About KVM


Recently, Julien Anguenot and I gave a presentation at the OpenStack Summit in Atlanta. Working with a large VMware environment as a cloud provider, we have been able to automate and optimize the ...
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GHz, vCPU, and the Airspeed Velocity of an Unladen Swallow


A mythical King of the Britons once prevailed with the question “An African swallow or a European swallow?” As any shopper knows, fair weights and measures are the foundation of a positive buying ...
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Do you hear the people sing? Making sense of the cloud wars


I was recently passed an interesting article from Kellie Willman, analyzing the current price wars among the massive cloud vendors. Mr. Nolle wrote an analysis worth reading regarding the three ...
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Using Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery to Differentiate Your Business


While there are many organizations that like to hide the fact they’re using cloud-based disaster recovery to protect their own and their customers’ assets, it’s refreshing to learn of one that does ...
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The Doorway to the Cloud


I’ve written before about the challenges of explaining cloud to your … shall we say, nontechnical family members. And, indeed, I don’t think a week goes by without some query from one of them that ...
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