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Are you ready for 2015 and the “Triumph of the Public Cloud”?


Eric Knorr of InfoWorld predicted in his recent article, “9 key enterprise tech trends for 2015 and beyond” that over the course of the next year, the industry would see the “triumph of the public ...
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What’s your favorite iland cloud management portal feature?

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Our Solutions Engineers are a highly respected group. Zeb, Sam and Lindon all work closely with customers and prospects on a daily basis, demonstrating our offerings and advising and recommending ...
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The 8 VMs of Cloudakkah


Gather ‘round children, and let me tell you the story of how the cloud saved the day for a group of dedicated IT folks. It started with the storming of the web site. It was December, and in a ...
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How to Build a Culture of Decisiveness


I have spent the last twenty plus years of my career leading a high tech company that routinely goes head-to-head with the giants of the industry. Yet I have found success in seemingly unwinnable ...
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The Cloud Pricing War Before Christmas


So, we’re back at it on the cloud price wars. This time, Amazon claims to be simplifying payment terms (but, not pricing schemes, presumably) around reserved prices. Ben Kepes covered the story ...
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iland Alleviates Cloud Burdens for Companies


Listen in as Lilac Schoenbeck, iland’s VP of product marketing and management; Dante Orsini, iland’s SVP of business development; and Jennifer Brenner, iland’s SVP of marketing hash out how companies ...
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Chasing Condors – Finding efficiency in the cloud


iland Enterprise Cloud Portal – The Tool That Makes IT Life Easier “I think one of the things that really separates us from the high primates is that we’re tool builders. I read a study that ...
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Why weathering the storm is worth it


Do you ever feel like you are caught in a tornado?  Constantly striving to improve and stay ahead of seemingly endless lists of projects and deliverables can certainly wear on the best of us. But ...
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The Twelve Days of Cloud


On the first day of Christmas my cloud vendor sent to me….a cloud that I just couldn’t see. On the second day of Christmas my cloud vendor sent to me… a login for a cloud I couldn’t see. On the ...
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Resolving to Resolve: The Financial Foundation for Change


At this time of year, both personally and professionally, we all take to our to-do lists and resolve to make changes. Whether we vow to lose the last 10 pounds or swear to cut out gluten – or commit ...
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