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And henceforth, we shall CLOUD!


It feels like companies are declaring their intention to cloud with the vim of a college student brandishing an “I voted!” sticker. GE has decided, despite their acres of data center around the world, ...
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CTO Bob Discusses Infrastructure-as-a-Service with iland’s Lilac Schoenbeck

Thinking about expanding into the cloud?  Bob Pellerin, the current CTO for Hitor Group Inc. runs a popular webcast series on IT topics called  He recently interview iland’s own vice ...
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Let your cloud come out of the shadows


There is an almost cliché tradition in the world of IT that “it’s too complicated to explain.”  That’s how we all get through crazy questions at Thanksgiving dinner, and just go ahead and reboot our ...
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Do these Russian hackers make my cloud look fat?


All this talk of Russian Hackers makes them seem like a formidable, ever-present force. Even while statistics show that  the preponderance of cybercrime originates elsewhere, the image of a Russian ...
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Back that Cloud Up!


I absolutely hate starting a project only to realize that I haven’t got all the tools I need. For me, that’s often the right size knitting needles. Or the right screwdriver (thank you, IKEA). Or the ...
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Breaking Up is Hard To Do


All of the industry is abuzz about the news that HP is splitting. The venerable old printer maker and enterprise computing giant finally is accepting that what was once a yin-yang business is now two ...
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In a New York Mile


I spent much of the week at Interop in NYC, which is always a bit of an eye-opening experience. Javits reminds its visitors of the least pleasant part of Manhattan – which is remarkably adjacent to ...
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Update from iland on Shellshock Bash Vulnerability


If you have been following the news and reading your security bulletins, you will have noticed over this past week the announcement regarding the Shellshock Bash Vulnerability, otherwise known as ...
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When the Cloud is Sick


News wires around the world lit up with the announcement that Amazon would be patching and rebooting their EC2 Cloud. It seems the press is enamored with the idea of this big, global creature being ...
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Cassandra Summit 2014 Conference


Our own director of software engineering and all round technical guru, Julien Anguenot, attended the Cassandra Summit 2014 Conference Day in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago.  This was the fifth ...
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