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Update from iland on Shellshock Bash Vulnerability


If you have been following the news and reading your security bulletins, you will have noticed over this past week the announcement regarding the Shellshock Bash Vulnerability, otherwise known as ...
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When the Cloud is Sick


News wires around the world lit up with the announcement that Amazon would be patching and rebooting their EC2 Cloud. It seems the press is enamored with the idea of this big, global creature being ...
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Cassandra Summit 2014 Conference


Our own director of software engineering and all round technical guru, Julien Anguenot, attended the Cassandra Summit 2014 Conference Day in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago.  This was the fifth ...
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Fast Forward to Now: The New Disaster Recovery


You know how IT people love to talk about their antiquated technology experience? You can almost put money on the fact that someone will make 9600 baud modem sounds at an IT conference. BEEEEEEP ...
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The Deja Vu of Minecraft and the Cloud


There are very few cocktail party topics us old fogies (okay, I’m 36) like to discuss more than ye olden days of computing, citing experience with punch cards, 8” floppies, and the unbelievable burden ...
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Clouds, Cabs and UberMobiles


I’ve always been amazed at how committed people are to an analogy. Everyone wants to find the perfect analogy for what they do – so much so that we had some healthy debate in our company over this ...
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Is your cloud provider prepared for the new 2015 EU data protection regulations?


Guest blog by iland's compliance manager, Frank Krieger. According to a recent article, the majority of cloud providers are not prepared for new legislation planned for introduction by the European ...
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Mulling VMworld or 9021-Cloud


The iland team, myself included, were at VMworld last week, and we had a wonderful time talking to customers, giving away Lego’s, and attending sessions. This was my – I want to say – seventh VMworld. ...
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Bridging the Gap Between Virtual and Physical Infrastructures


Aniket Patankar, UCS Product Manager, Cisco and Bhumik Patel, Partner Architect, VMware co-presented a session on Tuesday at VMworld 2014, tackling the challenges IT faces as it migrates to a ...
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VMworld Speaker Interview: Tom Simmons of Deloitte Consulting LLP on the people side of cloud


Tom Simmons and Judy Pennington of Deloitte Consulting LLP are presenting at VMworld  on Are You Lost in the Cloud? Technology May be the Easy Part – It’s the People Issues That Are More Difficult  We ...
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