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“Cloud” is dead.


We saw this coming. With the whole iCloud branding – and the whole Sex Tape Movie/Cloud joke. Cloud has gone mainstream. Everything consumer is cloud. Once my mom can suggest I do something “in the ...
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CEO’s View: Guiding Your Company Through Major Market Changes


A profitable business is an evolving business.  One has only to watch a couple of episodes of “Mad Men” before marveling at how dramatically the pace of modern business has changed over the last 50 ...
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Analyst Rob Enderle: “Amazon Doesn’t Get Compliance”


Tech analyst, Rob Enderle, says the big cloud providers like Amazon and Apple don’t get the compliance requirements that weigh heavily on most enterprise IT organizations looking for cloud ...
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Once upon a time, I was falling in love… with cloud


It wasn’t so long ago. There were the summer afternoons in the park, staring at you, deciding you could be a web server. Or a SaaS app. The days when it felt the wind was pushing us both together. The ...
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Is it backup or something better?


Is it back up or something better? Working in the DRaaS and IaaS space I get used to speaking in acronyms and industry terminology (current sentence as an example).  Many IT professionals can ...
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Don’t believe the FUD – Public cloud visibility is real

Don't believe the FUD

It seems like almost every week, I read yet another article about the lack of control and inability to manage resources in public clouds. The issue is pervasive because many providers – particularly ...
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And henceforth, we shall CLOUD!


It feels like companies are declaring their intention to cloud with the vim of a college student brandishing an “I voted!” sticker. GE has decided, despite their acres of data center around the world, ...
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CTO Bob Discusses Infrastructure-as-a-Service with iland’s Lilac Schoenbeck


Thinking about expanding into the cloud?  Bob Pellerin, the current CTO for Hitor Group Inc. runs a popular webcast series on IT topics called  He recently interview iland’s own vice ...
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Let your cloud come out of the shadows


There is an almost cliché tradition in the world of IT that “it’s too complicated to explain.”  That’s how we all get through crazy questions at Thanksgiving dinner, and just go ahead and reboot our ...
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Do these Russian hackers make my cloud look fat?


All this talk of Russian Hackers makes them seem like a formidable, ever-present force. Even while statistics show that  the preponderance of cybercrime originates elsewhere, the image of a Russian ...
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