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Ten Reasons Why Having a Global Cloud Footprint Matters


When most people think about the cloud, they initially think of reducing cost and shortening their time-to-market. More experienced buyers layer on other criteria like performance, security, ...
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Veeam Cloud Connect FAQs

Veeam Cloud Connect FAQ

We recently joined forces with Veeam for a webinar, Backup to the Future: Everything You Need to Know About Veeam Cloud Connect. I recommend taking the time to view the webinar in its entirety, but in ...
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Data Replication and Recovery – Every Which Way You Can

migrate to cloud image

As cloud and virtualization continue to lower the entry barriers for organizations of all types and sizes to take advantage of disaster recovery, demand for replicating and recovering data from/to ...
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Verizon’s cloud outage: What’s reasonable in cloud?


When Verizon’s cloud shut down for a weekend earlier this month, all kinds of hullabaloo hit the interwebs. It was a scheduled 48-hour maintenance window, designed as a stitch-in-time platform upgrade ...
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Deloitte Says Enterprise Cloud Market to Explode; Tech Giants May Struggle


In a recent interview, Paul Sallomi, Vice Chairman and US Technology Leader, Deloitte Tax LLP, noted that the enterprise cloud market is poised for explosive growth. "Between this year and 2017, ...
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Let’s Meet Up at VMware’s Partner Exchange


Our bags are packed and we at iland will be heading out to San Francisco, February 3-5, 2015 for VMware’s annual Partner Exchange meeting.  PEX, as the meeting is often called, is a global event for ...
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Will the REAL Cloud Expert Please Stand Up?

cloud expert image

There’s nothing gets my goat more than an “expert” who proclaims their knowledge about a topic they are allegedly expert in - but in reality knows absolutely nothing about. Take the Birmingham story ...
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Cloud Scalability is Real Today


It’s perhaps the most captivating myth of cloud: autoscaling. Everyone has been talking about it since the advent of this new-ish computing model. Workloads just KNOW when Ellen has mentioned your web ...
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Cloud backup and cloud storage – what’s the difference?


Earlier this week, I teamed up with Veeam’s Luca Dell'Oca, EMEA evangelist, to host a webinar discussing everything you need to know about Veeam Cloud Connect. It’s a popular topic, as teams race to ...
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The Runaway Cloud Went Over the Hill and It Blew…The IT Budget Out The Window

surprise bill

2014 saw a marked increase in the use of public cloud infrastructure by organizations of all sizes and types. Some were newcomers to cloud. Others expanded their existing cloud footprint. And a few ...
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