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Big Data for the cloud – not just in the cloud


I have a dear friend who always says “the preposition counts.” "Is a Cowboy Romance Novel by a cowboy or for cowboys?", she asks.  She’s right. And we felt the same way about Big Data. There are a ...
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Media Services Group: From DRaaS to IaaS

Media Services Group

I couldn’t be more thrilled to be writing about our latest case study with Media Services Group. They are an innovative organization in the advertising-buying space, who have successfully transformed ...
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Gartner recognizes iland in the 2015 Disaster Recovery as a Service Magic Quadrant

iland Disaster Recovery

Last week, Gartner published its Magic Quadrant for Disaster Recovery as a Service* (DRaaS), and iland earned a spot as a Challenger. It feels good to be recognized. Whether safeguarding against ...
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The Humble Disaster: Everyday Uses of DRaaS

Cloudy Mary Poppins

I was talking to a brilliant, accomplished technical leader yesterday, and he told me how he made a mistake, pressed a button while multitasking, and blew away a database. Oops. Luckily, he had a ...
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The Internet of Things- It’s More than Smart Gadgets

Internet of Things

When people think about the Internet of Things (IoT), they instantly think of smart gadgets, talking refrigerators and security systems, but IoT is much deeper and has the potential to affect much ...
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Someone Like You: Your Disaster Recovery Doppelgänger can smooth your path


One of the really cool things about the internet – apart from memes, emoji, and The Oatmeal – is the ability to rapidly learn from others. Whether you’re stumped by an apparent error in a company’s ...
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The Hitchhiker’s Guide To Cloud RCA

Answer to the life, universe and everything

Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is held near and dear to many of us at iland, not just because of its unique expression of solicitous humanity in a galaxy full of mercilessly ...
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Who chooses the iland cloud?


I’m presently hiring for a Senior Product Marketing position, and smart candidates always ask me the same thing: What types of companies select iland for IaaS and DRaaS? It’s a good question. Let’s ...
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Consistency is anything but boring. Here’s why.

Tom and Will

Consistency. It’s a predictable guarantee and wonderfully exciting. Well….in technology it is certainly. Every year at iland, our global teams travel to our Houston headquarters for our company ...
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DR: The emergency preparedness of IT

iland Disaster Recovery

I’m presently in an emergency situation. Not my own, obviously, or I wouldn’t stop to blog. But, I am .. Shall we say… part of the DR plan for a close friend. And, it’s led me to think about the ...
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