cloud computing provider that offers cloud simplicity and clarity

Your cloud plans can range from straightforward and simple to complex and cumbersome. Whatever your goals may be, we build cloud services to help you reach them.  Our aim is to provide you with access to straightforward, easy-to-adopt cloud services.

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what cloud is right for you?

The ‘cloud’ can take many forms, from raw infrastructure to gated resources and fully managed environments. Here’s a starting point to find the iland cloud service that’s right for you.

Cloud data center choice is important

iland hosts the workloads of growing businesses with state-of-the-art data centers across the United States, United Kingdom and Singapore. We serve companies requiring additional capacity, local presence, or sophisticated disaster recovery, and have backup facilities at every location.

Connectivity is paramount in the cloud, as end users must reach applications quickly and consistently. Our data centers are equipped with secure and direct connections to over 500 IP providers around the world. The iland networking team is an expert at meeting your needs for connectivity, security, and reliability.

We’ve built our cloud to ensure clarity and stability in the location of your IT systems, which will not migrate to other countries or regions.

Take a look at our data centers

we speak VMware, fluently

Your data center is already running on VMware. As you move to the cloud, why introduce more complexity, platforms and variables? As VMware’s first Premier Cloud Infrastructure Partner and winner of multiple Partner of the Year awards, we’re actively influencing the evolution of VMware business solutions.

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safe, secure and compliant cloud

Protecting your data is paramount. Our data centers are handpicked to ensure they comply with required audits and standards, including SSAE 16, ISO 27001, and ISO 9001. Other security features include physical onsite security, and redundant power and cooling. See it for yourself with an iland-hosted tour at the data center of your choice.

Redundant enterprise class firewalls, IDS/IPS, and a number of encryption options ensure security of your data as it resides in our cloud.

For those customers that require it, we comply with, and can sign off on, a HIPAA Business Associates Agreement (BAA).

Diagram: iland cloud infrastructure

extensive OS and software support

Our cloud was built to support a broad range of operating systems (more than 70) that include Linux as well as Windows 2003 or greater.

We have optimized the underlying virtual infrastructure, enabling customers to run database servers including SQL and Oracle within our cloud.