Global enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure - where you need it, when you need it.

iland’s state-of-the-art Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering combines the familiarity of a VMware-based cloud with the flexibility of a global data center footprint. Superior on-site support, a market-leading portal and nearly two decades of experience make iland’s cloud the natural extension to your own data center.

need a cloud that fits right in?

iland ECS is a self-service, enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure built to meet the dynamic needs of your business, whether short or long term. Powered by VMware vCloud technology and accessed through our portal, iland ECS is designed to support development, testing, disaster recovery, and production – it’s remarkably familiar to operate and uniquely transparent.

Because the cloud should be hassle-free, regardless of expertise, location or business objective.

transparency into your resources and costs

Designed and built by iland, our portal offers unparalleled transparency into your cloud resources and costs. Easily spot and remedy misaligned resources, and forecast your cloud costs before month end arrives with predictive billing capabilities.

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choose a pricing model that fits your business

We offer three straightforward yet flexible pricing options to ensure you can optimize cloud costs: Pay-As-You-Go; Reservation; and Reservation with Burst Capacity.  Each is fully transparent within the portal, enabling you to see detailed metrics on the utilization and cost of your global cloud footprint in 20 second intervals.

configure resources to your specifications

You can purchase a pool of resources – memory, compute and storage – which can be allocated and re-allocated as you see fit rather than over-or-under provisioning individual instances. Your reserved pool is yours to configure – so make the most of your cloud.

seamless on-boarding

The experience and expertise of our support team coupled with compatibility with your existing VM formats ensure a rapid and successful move to cloud.  With a technical support team in every region, you can be sure of a seamless on-boarding experience.

consistent, reliable performance

Nobody wants noisy neighbors. In many clouds, the workloads that may share a hypervisor or server with you can infringe upon your space and your speed. And, with the flexibility of those platforms, new neighbors can come and go all the time. But most customers need consistent performance from their cloud, day in and day out.

So we built our cloud with an operating environment that ensures you are insulated from them.  All the resources you reserve are yours.  They’re not oversubscribed, so irrespective of the behavior of others in the environment, your performance will never be impacted.


purchase options

Sometimes you know exactly what you need. Sometimes you just want flexibility. Sometimes, it’s a little of both.

iland is the only cloud provider that allows you to pick a pricing model that works for you – from reserved resources you can count on, to flexible on-demand options:

  • Pay as you go – Start small and grow when you need it. No up front commitment, and no fuss.
  • Reserve what you need – You know what your usage will be. Why not allocate it up front? Claim your pool of resources, and use it however you like. It’s all yours.
  • Best of both worlds –Take advantage of our reservation-plus-burst model, by combining predictable billing with the option to burst without breaking the bank. We can help you cover your bases while providing the flexibility you need to grow your business.

Let’s talk. Contact us for more information.

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Technical Specs


  • Role-based access control
  • Easily deploy virtual machines from iland’s optimized public catalog or build your own
  • Visibility into activities within your environment down to the VM level with the ECS portal
  • Manage cloud service consumption via lease timers, configurable alerts and termination dates
  • Leverage pre- built iland templates and custom templates for rapid deployment of new environments


  • State-of-the-art Intel technology inside Cisco UCS servers
  • Supports up to 64 virtual CPUs and 1TB of RAM per virtual machine
  • Built on VMWare hypervisors for full compatibility with your VMDKs and on-premise data centers
  • Supports your Microsoft Windows and Linux workloads seamlessly


  • Industry standard network solutions including network address translation (NAT), firewalling, IPSec VPN, static routing, DHCP, and load balancing
  • Enable true network isolation within and across cloud environments
  • Redundant, high speed, low latency connectivity to Tier 1 providers
  • Connect directly to hundreds of carriers through iland Cloud Connect such as point-to-point and MPLS connections
  • Built on Cisco Networking with support for a variety of virtual networking appliances and load balancers from Citrix


  • Optimized auto tiering storage utilizing RAID 10 for writes and RAID 5 for reads
  • Extreme performance SSD available for high transaction applications
  • Integrated image level backup with a seven-day retention policy for complete virtual machine or file level recovery
  • Increase storage on live machines without downtime

security and compliance

  • Intrusion detection and prevention solutions available
  • Support for in-guest and data encryption at rest
  • Log management and review services available
  • Penetration testing
  • Fully redundant SSAE 16/ISO 27001 certified data centers with audited procedural and security protocols
  • Support for PCI-DSS, HIPAA and others
  • Cloud to cloud recovery between iland data centers