complete visibility and management – included with your cloud

The iland cloud was designed with manageability and usability as primary goals. So, we built – and continue to invest in – our own industry-leading management portal, included for all of our cloud customers.

iland Enterprise Cloud Services Portal

The ease of managing your cloud determines your success with cloud – so, learn how iland’s enterprise cloud portal delivers unsurpassed transparency, predictable costs, and easy access to our cloud capabilities – from network configuration to integrated backups.

We collect and incorporate customer feedback continuously, and release new capabilities four times a year. This ensures you have access to the latest technology through the smoothest customer experience.

At your desk or on the go, control your cloud from any mobile device with the iland Cloud app.

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see into your cloud

Designed with our customers’ needs in mind, the iland Enterprise Cloud Services Portal is an intuitive, yet powerful web interface that offers unmatched visibility into your VMware vCloud services at iland.

It gives you the transparency needed to closely monitor and manage your cloud resources effectively in terms of cost, performance, regulatory compliance and support.

control cloud costs

The ECS portal was designed to keep costs under tight control in the iland cloud environment and avoid the runaway charges characteristic of many other cloud platforms.

You can view costs at a granular level, from your virtual data center right down to an individual VM, and identify any waste caused by VM sprawl and zombie VMs.

Create alerts for performance and cost criteria at the VM level for greater control of resource usage and to reduce the likelihood of an overage. You can also create alerts for our Pay-as-you-Go and Reservation-plus-Burst pricing models that enable you to proactively manage current and predicted monthly costs.

And you can even predict your monthly vCloud services spend at a vDC, vApp and VM level.

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simplify management of cloud resources

Managing your cloud resources becomes so much easier with the ECS portal. And it utilizes similar statistics to those in VMware vCenter so no new training or expertise is required to monitor your cloud. From every screen, full text searching enables rapid identification of workloads, enabling more efficient isolation of issues and resolution of problems.

Through our easy-to-use wizard, you can modify power status and resource consumption on your VMs; and provision a new VM or vApp from either an iland public catalog or a private catalog built using vCloud. You can also leverage prebuilt iland templates and custom templates for rapid deployment of new environments.

The ability to monitor resource utilization over time gives you extensive insight into how your cloud resources are performing and enables you to predict future spending.

Simplify management of Cloud Resources

maximize performance

You want to ensure you’re getting maximum performance out of your resources.

View performance statistics of your cloud services including real-time, last hour, last day, last week and last month. Track key activities, like added resources, with helpful tool-tips overlaying the performance graphs. Maximize performance by moving your resources from over-allocated VMs to VMs starving for resources, and do it all through a single pane of glass.

Monitoring the performance of an application during development and test cycles increases your confidence that performance requirements will be met when the application is rolled out to production.

Finally, export all the data behind our cost and performance graphs, whenever you need it.

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security and compliance

Meet compliance requirements and increase end-user accountability with a change log that enables you to track changes made within your multi-cloud tenant environment, determine who made them, and record when they were made.

Securely accessing your environment has never been easier.  Whether it is for production users on the go,  or a displaced team during failover, the integrated IPsec and SSL VPN capabilities of the iland ECS portal provides industry leading security protocols from an intuitive interface.  Plus, the portal was built with role-based access control to ensure greater security.

Back up your data for seven, 30 or 90 days, and restore it from within the ECS portal. Select any of the backups and restore the VM or vApp with a few clicks, ensuring your workload is safe from corruption or accidental deletion. For customers with storage resources in iland’s public cloud, seven day data backup is included in the price of your service.

protect your data

Can you manage your IaaS footprint alongside your disaster recovery plan?  In most clouds, you can’t. Within the iland ECS portal you can do both – manage your iland cloud footprint, as well as your on-premise-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud disaster recovery.

Zerto disaster recovery management is integrated within the ECS portal. Failover or failback your workloads with no iland intervention required, but rest assured our support team is available to help should you need it. Set RTOs of seconds or hours, depending on the tier of your application. Failover from your data center to iland’s cloud or, if your production workloads are already in our cloud, failover to an iland cloud in a different location.  And don’t forget to test your disaster recovery – whenever you like, as often as you like.


Portal API

Whether your goal is to manage your cloud resources through our robust ECS Portal or your own management systems, iland ensures you have the tools to be successful. iland enables customers to utilize API calls directly to iland’s portal and cloud infrastructure, even from an outside management tool, with customer creatable metadata tagging available on all objects.

Portal API

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