imagination technology

What you do with our cloud is entirely up to you. Cost-effectively prove your concept. Empower your people with the tools they need to invent the next big thing. Remove your name from the CFO’s naughty list. It’s up to you—just know that iland has the proven business-focused infrastructure solutions to let the seeds of your imagination take bloom.

unified infrastructure

Break free from the legacy models of application silos and leverage the power of pooled resources to holistically address business needs. Streamline IT management with the flexibility to address emerging requests. Your iland cloud-based infrastructure centralizes administration with a killer stack, enabling your IT environment to meet myriad demands while comfortably extending your existing resources.

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platform for innovation

iland provides application developers and SaaS providers with a cost-effect and scalable infrastructure solution to build, test, and deploy their applications. Now you can focus on dazzling your customers—not obsessing over your infrastructure.


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redundancy. recovery. reliability.

True IT security is about redundancy, recovery, and reliability. You can stay up late at night worrying, or you can be confident your IT infrastructure can protect your data and services from downtime—and your business from lost revenue and customers.

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shift gears when business accelerates

The road to business success can be bumpy, with unpredictable workloads that rise and fall. iland provides the on-demand cloud horsepower to smoothly scale up and down, get there on time and on budget, and leave competitors in the rear view mirror.

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