imagination technology

What you do with our cloud is entirely up to you. Cost-effectively prove your concept. Empower your people with the tools they need to invent the next big thing. Remove your name from the CFO’s naughty list. It’s up to you—just know that iland has the proven business-focused infrastructure solutions to let the seeds of your imagination take bloom.

iland disaster recovery:
dodge disaster with DR reliability

iland can transform IT risk into IT reliability with redundancy for both data and infrastructure. Your mission critical files and business services can be restored in minutes or hours—not days.

Disaster Recovery: The Budget Item You Cannot Afford to Cut

continuity of business, revenue, and customers

The most important objective of your business continuity plan is to ensure that that business-critical data and processes are secured, and that unplanned downtime is minimized. This requires more than a backup. It takes a proven plan for restoring your IT infrastructure, data availability, operational processes, and business processes.

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restore functionality, not just data

iland provides an integrated solution to help you rapidly recover from downtime. Our experts will help you choose a level of data replication depending on your needs. The data can then be used to restore your production workload on our high-availability cloud infrastructure to keep your business services up and running.

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built-in dependability

You can depend on our high-availability network to truly failover in near real time. With diverse and redundant GbE or 10 GbE connections to Tier 1 providers and connections via private line or VPN, multiple virtualization-optimized servers with redundant power and hard drives, we address both the data and the network challenge.

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customized solutions

Your business is unique, so should your business continuity strategy. Download our DR Planning Guide and start designing the strategy that will protect your company from downtime, diminished revenue, and lost customers.

DR: Getting Started Guide

research disaster recovery

Explore our library of resources including case studies, webinars, and datasheets on iland disaster recovery solutions.


DR Planning Guide