the iland story

Where we’ve been, and where we’re going.

the start of something big

In 1994, iland began developing websites in Boston and Houston. By early 1995, iland had reorganized itself exclusively in Houston and was busy with its website development efforts.  During this timeframe, the founders, Scott Sparvero and Brian Ussher started having problems with their hosting providers.  After changing hosting providers four times, the founders were convinced that they wanted to host their sites themselves.

Later that year iland acquired the hosting customer base of one of the early Houston Internet providers, DigiPub. They also purchased web servers and T1 connections.

“With our own servers, our client base seemed to grow exponentially,” said Sparvero.

partner like it’s 1999

iland partnered with Level3 Communications to create a proprietary footprint within Level3 facilities, and began offering colocation infrastructure in their corporate headquarters as well as secure telco-class datacenters. The partnership with Level3 allowed iland to provide hosting and colocation to customers with 24×7 uptime and redundant connectivity.


In 2000 iland began providing Managed Services (iMS)™ to their dedicated and co-location clients.

the age of cloud

2008- iland develops its first cloud based offering built on VMware virtualization technology. iland adds six high availability data centers specifically built for cloud computing in Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Boston, Houston, Dallas, and London.

2009- iland partners with VMware and becomes the first partner to join the new VSPP (VMware Service Provider Program).

acclaim and awards

2010- iland is awarded VMware’s Service Provider Partner of the Americas.

2012- iland wins the VMware Service Provider Partner of the Americas award for the second consecutive year and is also awarded the Global Partner of the Year award.

today and tomorrow

In 2013, Virtualization Review Magazine awarded iland “Best of Breed Infrastructure as a Service Award” at VMworld, and is named Number 1 on the Houston Business Journal’s Best Places to Work List. iland also launches its cutting-edge iland Secure Cloud℠ platform with new console providing unprecedented transparency into the cloud.