iland Catalyst

A free tool to remove the guesswork in right-sizing your cloud environment. Know exactly what's needed for your cloud-based DRaaS, backup and IaaS environments.

iland Catalyst is a free tool that analyzes your existing VMware infrastructure to help properly size for Cloud Backup, Disaster Recovery or Migration without costly over-provisioning or detrimentally under-provisioning.

With the power of iland Catalyst you can see a full view of your VMware environment – resources, storage consumption, and general layout. With the easy-to-use interface, you can create customized groupings for Backups, Disaster Recovery or plan your journey to migrate to the cloud.


  • Easy to install, lightweight, dependency-free analysis tool
  • Select any and all of the resources to start creating customized workload bundles for analysis
  • Determine bandwidth analysis to any of the iland global clouds and update workload bundles with estimates for data seeding or backup change rates
  • Based on actual usage in the environment, see how much space, memory, and compute you will need in the cloud

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