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  • iland Secure Cloud Backup Insider Protection

    iland Insider Protection enables you to recover a full backup deleted by mistake, but more importantly it also protects you from malicious attacks from outside threats.

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  • iland Autopilot Managed Recovery

    Fully-managed disaster recovery, increased business focus, and the confidence of iland’s award-winning platform.

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  • iland Secure DRaaS with Veeam

    On-premise management with Veeam has never been better – but now, you can easily extend to cloud-based DR in a few clicks for simple, straightforward, peace of mind.

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  • iland Secure Cloud Backup℠

    iland Secure Cloud Backup℠ leverages Veeam Cloud Connect to provide cloud based backups for your local virtual guests and data.

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  • iland Catalyst

    Built by iland engineers with decades of combined experience, Catalyst can help you plan and design a cloud solution that fits your applications’ unique disaster recovery, backup, and application hosting needs.

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  • iland Secure DRaaS with Zerto

    Cloud-­based disaster recovery has become an optimal option for almost any enterprise that wants to protect its digital assets. But every cloud is not what it seems. Expertise and experience are key to a successful DR plan.

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  • iland Corporate Overview

    Learn about iland, the cloud partner that cares as much about your business as you do

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  • iland Cloud Object Storage

    iland Cloud Object Storage℠ is an easy-to-use, low-cost, scalable solution that offers the benefits of cloud storage for managing your data sprawl in a variety of use-cases: backup files, application data or general file storage.

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  • iland Secure Cloud℠

    Today’s traditional businesses are transforming their IT operations for the future.

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  • iland Secure Cloud Backup℠ for Office 365

    With Microsoft Office 365, the protection is a shared responsibility. Microsoft supports the application and infrastructure uptime. The data control and protection is your responsibility

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  • iland LabEngine

    iland LabEngine allows organizations to rapidly deploy and scale virtual environments that can be used for testing, QA, training events and even sales.

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  • iland Secure DRaaS℠ with Zerto Onboarding

    Once you’ve selected a Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service solution, you’re understandably eager to get it up and running. While much of the Zerto technology is intuitive, having an expert from iland cloud services supporting you in the installation, configuration and deployment process is invaluable to gaining confidence in your secure DRaaS solution.

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  • iland Compliance

    For many organizations, compliance remains a barrier to cloud adoption. iland’s cloud compliance offering enables IT to confidently move forward with cloud IaaS and DRaaS initiatives.

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