iland and Cohesity Form Strategic Alliance to Offer Comprehensive Data Protection Solutions

Industry leaders to provide enterprise customers unprecedented flexibility and functionality on iland’s world-class, VMware-based cloud platform.

Houston – April 15, 2021iland, a leading VMware-based cloud services provider for application hosting, data protection and disaster recovery, today announced a new strategic alliance with Cohesity that will integrate the iland Secure Cloud platform with Cohesity’s multicloud data platform to provide enterprise customers with faster and more precise data protection capabilities.
iland Secure Cloud is built to meet the dynamic needs of your business, whether short or long term. Built on VMware technology and accessed through the iland Secure Cloud Console, iland Secure Cloud is designed to support a variety of workloads, disaster recovery and compliance needs.
“This innovative alliance, which will kick-off with two new data protection solutions, will ultimately redefine the way backups and disaster recovery are handled for enterprise customers seeking to streamline and upgrade their cloud environments,” said Brian Ussher, iland president and cofounder. “Our long-term vision is to substantively simplify processes and improve data flexibility and control in the cloud. Together with Cohesity, we will deliver elegant and cutting-edge solutions that will take our joint customers’ digital transformation projects to the next level in terms of both performance and sophistication utilizing a platform and solutions that fully embrace the future of cloud.”
The first two data protection offerings that will come from this alliance include iland Advanced Backup for Secure Cloud and iland Secure Cloud Object Storage.
iland Advanced Backup for Secure Cloud provides a secure, performance-oriented backup and recovery solution for iland Secure Public Cloud and iland Hosted Private Cloud that protects users’ mission critical applications. Powered by Cohesity DataProtect, iland Advanced Backup users will have full self-service control, restore, and powerful search capabilities with the ability to perform granular restores from VMs down to individual files. They will also have full control over their backup schedules and retention policies, allowing them to retain data for exactly how long they need to meet compliance requirements.
iland Secure Cloud Object Storage enables Cohesity customers to offload their infrequently accessed data to a secure, cost-effective object storage solution for long-term retention and archival. iland Object Storage, connected to Cohesity Smart Files or Data Protect, can significantly reduce expenses and on-prem storage requirements. iland Secure Cloud Console manages the cloud repository to provide an integrated experience across production, backup and archive.
“The iland Advanced Backup for Secure Cloud combined with Cohesity’s comprehensive data protection offerings provide customers a radically simple and secure way to backup and protect their data,” said Michael Cremen, CRO, Cohesity. “Cohesity’s speed and efficiency in data backup and recovery gives customers added confidence to run mission critical applications in the cloud.”
Cohesity has long been an innovator, disruptor, and a market leader in modern data management. The company understands that an organization’s data is a uniquely valuable asset, and something that demands protection at all times. Cohesity is focused on radically simplifying how businesses protect and manage their data. This makes Cohesity the perfect partner for iland’s advanced infrastructure (IaaS) — a solution also designed with speed, manageability, and usability as its primary goals.
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