iland radically reduces IT’s response time to business threats across public and private clouds

iland cuts the latency between business threats and IT response through new security alerts, integrated DNS management for Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS), and enhanced private cloud offerings

HOUSTON—June 8, 2016—iland, an award-winning enterprise cloud hosting provider, today announced new advanced security and disaster recovery enhancements to its Enterprise Cloud Services (ECS) platform that substantively lower the time it takes for IT to receive, share and take action on information critical to business systems.

iland Advanced Security Cloud

iland’s advanced security integration and new sophisticated alerting drive best practices

“Whether responding to a security event or a natural disaster, IT’s system resiliency responsibilities have never been greater,” said Justin Giardina, iland’s CTO. “We have now engineered both our public and private cloud offerings to ensure customers achieve the security and compliance levels required by the business. Every minute counts when business systems are compromised, so we’re arming IT with the tools to minimize impacts and accelerate remedies.”

The market need for greater system resiliency was validated recently in a survey conducted by Enterprise Management Associates and commissioned by iland.  Ninety-one percent of IT and security personnel reported they need more help from cloud providers when it comes to security integration, reporting and/or analytics.

“At Nuvolix, we deliver virtualized pharmaceutical software that enables pharmacies to customize compounded medications for patients. As such, the integrity of our underlying IT infrastructure is paramount, both for HIPAA compliance and performance reasons,” said Andrew Lierman, director of operations at Nuvolix. “iland’s private cloud gives us the technology and expert support we need to easily manage our environment, anticipate issues and execute internal audits so that we can deliver secure, reliable solutions to our customers.”

Advanced security integration and sophisticated alerting drive best practices
iland’s Advanced Security Cloud offering integrates state of the art tools that enable customers to optimally fortify environments and satisfy compliance requirements. Natively, iland’s embedded security features take real-time action to mitigate threats in accordance with industry best practices.

Enhancing this functionality, iland has introduced customized security alerting to inform customers of both proactive steps taken by the system and any outlier issues not already addressed through automation. The real-time alerts include recommended remediation, thus enabling IT teams to respond to security threats with unprecedented speed.

Individual users can now customize notifications based on risk factors, automatically filtering through large amounts of data to focus on what is most important. Relevant information can also easily be shared with auditors and senior management. Customers can set alerts for:

  • Anti-malware
  • Computer issues (ex. reboots and clock changes)
  • Firewall rules
  • Integrity Monitoring rules
  • Intrusion prevention and detection rules
  • Log inspection rules
  • Web reputation rules
  • iland platform updates

New disaster recovery features streamline failovers
For years, managing and rerouting DNS has been the challenging final manual step in failing over to a disaster recovery site. Now, iland has integrated DNS Management technologies into the iland cloud console. By folding this capability into the console, iland continues to pursue its goal of seamless cloud and DRaaS management for its mid- and large-enterprise customers around the globe.

iland has also enhanced other elements of its DRaaS management in its cloud console including:

  • Disaster Recovery failover report provides clear insights into live and test failovers, enabling customers to address any issues and ensure preparedness
  • Failover alerts inform necessary personnel when a failover has been initiated so that any appropriate action can be taken

Robust private cloud options

While many organizations are embracing the shared infrastructure model of cloud, many continue to seek more isolated solutions. For them, iland now offers Secure Private Cloud, which delivers all the features of iland’s award-winning Enterprise Cloud Services platform, including the cloud console, security features, and latest updates – all on isolated infrastructure. It can support large workloads, accommodating over 10 TBs of RAM and multiple petabytes of storage. Removing the burden of hardware management, shifting capital expenses to operating costs, and benefitting from the latest innovations, this model augments on-premise data centers seamlessly.

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With data centers in the U.S., U.K. and Singapore, iland delivers the only enterprise cloud solutions in the market today with true innovation, transparency, intelligent management and advanced security built in. iland’s technology and consultative approach mean anyone– regardless of expertise, location or business objective–can benefit from a hassle-free cloud. From scaling production workloads, to supporting testing and development, to disaster recovery, iland’s secure cloud and decades of experience translate into unmatched service. iland has been recognised as Veeam’s Service Provider of the Year as well as VMware’s Service Provider Partner of the Year, Global and Americas. iland is also part of the Cisco Cloud Managed Service Provider Program for IaaS and DRaaS and partners with other industry leaders including Zerto, Trend Micro, Hytrust and Nimble Storage. Visit


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