Leader in the gas transportation sector, Navigator Gas, embraces iland’s hybrid cloud services in the UK as a competitive differentiator

Realising the importance of IT Resiliency, the company has positioned itself at the forefront of cloud innovation, leveraging iland’s IaaS with cloud-to-cloud DR and DRaaS for on-premises servers

London – 20 September, 2017 – iland, an award-winning global cloud services provider, today announced that Navigator Gas has joined the many other companies adopting its secure cloud infrastructure to achieve cost savings, leverage cloud scalability and ensure business continuity. In order to maintain its leading position in the oil and gas industry, Navigator Gas has positioned itself at the forefront of cloud innovation, using iland’s IaaS with cloud-to-cloud DR between data centres in London and Manchester and DRaaS for on-premises servers as a competitive differentiator.

As cloud adoption continues apace across EMEA, companies in even traditionally conservative sectors, such as oil and gas, are realising the agility, cost savings and security benefits of cloud services. Navigator Gas’ move not only reflects the growing trend towards DRaaS adoption, but also the increased focus on cloud security as companies aim to protect themselves against cyber threats, human error, natural disasters and other business threats, while maintaining compliance.

As owner of the world’s largest fleet of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) vessels – having experienced significant growth over recent years – Navigator Gas got to the point where compute and storage requirements exceeded available on-premises capacity. With a set of key requirements in mind, Navigator Gas turned to iland to implement a secure and reliable cloud-based solution in order to leverage the on-demand scalability of the cloud and achieve IT Resiliency.

iland’s secure cloud infrastructure provides Navigator Gas with tangible business benefits that include:

  • The avoidance of additional CAPEX investment while retaining use of existing on-premises servers
  • A highly flexible, scalable and secure cloud environment that is no longer dependent on a fixed server environment.
  • All workloads – cloud and on premises –are now protected by a hybrid cloud DRaaS solution, previously it had no DR strategy in place
  • Vulnerability scanning that meets application security requirements

Navigator Gas hosts applications essential to daily operations including safety management software and the procurement management system in the iland Secure Cloud. Therefore, the ability to scale up and down at will is a huge benefit. Using the intuitive iland cloud console, Navigator Gas’ cloud environment can be scaled in a matter of minutes.

The advanced security features of the iland cloud help Navigator Gas ensure that workloads and data entrusted with iland are safe. Further security assurance comes from the iland management console which enables security reports to be quickly downloaded to show how to address any vulnerabilities.

Simon Brooker, Group IT Manager at Navigator Gas explains; “We have achieved on demand, secure scalability and IT resiliency with iland IaaS and DRaaS solutions. But, we also have a partnership with a cloud provider that supports us every step of the way.”

This new customer announcement follows on from several recent key updates from iland including:

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