iland Autopilot Managed Recovery for (DRaaS)

Managed Services, Increased Business Focus

Autopilot Managed Recovery

iland Autopilot Managed Recovery for DRaaS ensures your business stays online and available in the event of data loss or downtime. Combining people, process, and our award-winning DRaaS platform, Autopilot Managed Recovery delivers a fully-managed DRaaS solution to meet your specific business recovery objectives.

Services and Features

Need your team spending more time on business innovation and less on risk mitigation? Leverage our team of experts by adding iland’s Autopilot Managed Recovery to your DRaaS and benefit from these additional services and features:

  • Enhanced management and support over key service elements such as test or live failovers, resource provisioning, change management and more
  • Collaborative planning sessions to develop your customized recovery runbooks and failover processes
  • Advanced documentation & reporting over service metrics, service levels and service health

Download the Autopilot Managed Recovery Datasheet

Onboarding Services

Hands-on project management, planning, design, and implementation

  • Design
    • Develop full inventory of virtual and physical workloads
    • Assisted design guidance on L2/L3 connectivity into iland Cloud
  • Deployment
    • Veeam/Zerto software installation
    • Setup and configuration of VPN
    • Replication configuration and testing
  • Recovery runbook development
    • Application dependency mapping and tiering
    • Start-up order documentation and automation

Support Services

Hands-on assistance and support during the customer life-cycle

  • Managed failover / Failback testing
    • Fully-managed failover/failback of all VMs
  • Managed service components
    • All iland service components required to meet DRaaS (example: Zerto ZVM/VRA, Veeam proxies / replication servers, VPN connections, etc)
  • Managed service provisioning
    • New workloads, new capacity requirements, circuits, etc.