iland Secure Cloud-to-Cloud Recovery

Whether for regulatory reasons, sovereignty or peace of mind, it’s best practice to replicate data to a secondary iland cloud location and ensure business continuity.

what is cloud-to-cloud recovery?

It makes sense and also best practice, for every organization to replicate data to a secondary site in the cloud.  Some organizations need a secondary failover site for regulatory reasons.  Others to comply with data sovereignty requirements.  Still others for peace of mind.

Whatever the reason, iland offers inter-cloud replication of your applications and data between data centers to bolster availability even more.  Prior to replication, we work with you to understand your VM groups and manage testing and failover to the secondary site.

Cloud-to-Cloud Recovery
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key benefits

  • No CAPEX: iland Secure Cloud-to-Cloud Recovery? is a monthly operational expense with no large, upfront capital expenditure costs. Flexible pricing models allow you to customize the solution that best meets your requirements and obtain optimal utilization of resources.
  • Decrease Replication: Select only the machines you want to replicate and reduce the extra costs associated with replicating everything. Employ a different amount of resources at the recovery site versus the primary site so you can run fewer or smaller machines at the recovery site.
  • No Overpayment: Virtual machines can be built to any processor, RAM, or storage specification required. You do not pay for resources you don’t need – unlike an instance-based cloud environment that consists of pre-configured virtual machines.
  • Easy to Manage: With iland’s integration of Zerto into the iland Secure Cloud Console?, it is now even easier to manage your disaster recovery.  With the click of a button, you can failover production workloads in our cloud to an iland cloud in a different location – and failback just as easily.

elevate confidence in your disaster recovery plan
  • Ready-to-use Infrastructure

    Replicate to a second iland-managed, enterprise-class infrastructure that is ready to use and powered by highly reputable VMware vCloud technology. You can be confident that the performance level at your recovery site will equal that of your iland production cloud.

  • DR Testing At Any Time

    The only surefire way to ensure your DR plan will work in the event of a disaster is to test it on a regular basis. iland Secure Cloud-to-Cloud Recovery offers Self-Service Test, Failover, and Assisted Failback that gives you the flexibility to test your disaster recovery plan whenever you like, as many times as you like.

  • Safe and Secure

    With iland’s advanced security features, your DRaaS solution can extend the security measures and compliance rules you already have on-premise into the cloud.