Seattle Bank Selects iland with Veeam Cloud Backup for Critical Data Protection

In-house Compliance Team
iland’s services were built with compliance in mind & they are supported by iland’s in-house certified compliance team. iland’s compliance team is here to support your needs. They are dedicated to ensuring iland’s systems meet regulatory requirements across the globe and strive to meet industry best-practice standards. iland’s compliance team can answer your due diligence questions and provide the documentation you need to conduct your third-party audits and trust iland as your partner.
iland PlatformCertified Team
On-demand Compliance Reporting

The iland Secure Cloud platform provides many of the control mechanisms and reporting needed to address compliance requirements. However, both configuring the environment according to your needs – and sifting through the paperwork of an audit – is best done hand-in-hand with an iland certified compliance professional. To meet those needs, iland has a wide range of compliance certifications and attestations that help evidence the compliance & security measures iland has in place to protect your data. Click on the icons below to learn more about each program & you can always reach out to iland’s certified compliance team to answer any of your questions.
In-depth Compliance Overview

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