iland Secure Cloud Compliance achieves
CSA STAR Gold certification

In-house Compliance Team
iland won’t leave you alone to address the challenges of your upcoming audit. Our in-house certified compliance team is ready to work with you to ensure you have the necessary documentation to fulfill your audit requirements in the US, EMEA and APAC. They can answer questions – from the initial sales process through to your audit, ensuring you know how to configure the environment, which reports to reference, and how to answer auditor questions. And if your auditors need an onsite visit to any of our data centers, we’re happy to assist.
On-demand Compliance Reporting

The iland Secure Cloud platform provides many of the control mechanisms and reporting needed to address compliance requirements. However, both configuring the environment according to your needs – and sifting through the paperwork of an audit – is best done hand-in-hand with an iland certified compliance professional. To meet those needs, we’ve developed two compliance service offerings – HIPAA specific, and general Compliance – that give you the access you need to our team of experts throughout the year, giving you the confidence to respond to your auditors. The iland cloud compliance team has your back.
In-depth Compliance Overview