iland Secure Cloud Object Storage

Seamlessly extend your on-premises storage to the cloud
and efficiently secure, manage, and retain your data for the long term.

Object Storage

Object storage, redefined.

All-inclusive pricing. Guaranteed availability. Industry and geographic security and compliance.

iland Secure Cloud Object Storage seamlessly extends your on-premises environment to the cloud for the cost efficient, long term storage of unstructured, cold, archive, and long-term backup data.

Managed through the iland Secure Cloud Console, iland object storage is integrated with our other data protection services such as DRaaS and BaaS, enabling a simplified transformational experience.

Availability is guaranteed. Backed by a 100% SLA.


Easily forecast storage costs – all-inclusive pricing
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All-inclusive. Secure and compliant. Global, S3-compatible.
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100% Availability, Zero Worry

Compatible with any S3-compliant interface.
Integrated management with iland Secure Cloud Console

Rapidly scale data storage needs.
iland Secure Cloud Object Storage is designed in an elegant, nonhierarchical file system that enables users to easily change their data storage needs.

Fast data retrieval and recovery.
All data objects are stored with their own metadata, which facilitates a faster, and more accurate, data retrieval and recovery process.

Data retention and security.
All data objects are stored with integrated versioning and three replicated instances per data center.

Built-in data-at-rest encryption for all objects with an intuitive key pair management system providing secure access to your data.

Find the Object Storage answers you need in the iland Success Center.

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Adding iland Secure Cloud Object Storage
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Supported with leading vendors

All-inclusive pricing. Guaranteed availability. Secure and compliant.

Secure Cloud Object Storage with Veeam

Reduce the costs of your backups by incorporating a cloud tier storage option with iland Secure Cloud Object Storage. As part of our broader Veeam-based data protection services, by integrating the Veeam Scale-Out Backup Repository (SOBR) feature, you can use Object Storage as an elastic, on-demand storage option and use policies to determine when data is moved to this cost effective platform. Learn more or model your SOBR requirements with our free modeling tool, iland Catalyst