iland Cloud Data Center: London, UK

iland’s London cloud data center is designed to handle the demands of cloud infrastructure and hybrid cloud environments.

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Our cloud computing data center in London is one of the premier data centers in the UK.

London cloud computing services:


iland’s services were built with compliance in mind & this extends to iland’s global data center locations. iland’s London data center is ISO 27001 & ISO 14001 certified. Built with rigorous physical security measures & access controls in place to secure your data, you can learn more about iland’s posture on compliance by visiting iland’s Compliance page.


  • Total Size: 25,143 m²
  • Maximum site power: 60 MVA

Environmental controls

  • Cooling Criteria: 750W/m², 21°C+/- 2°C, 50%RH +/- 10%.
  • Under floor cooling air distribution with N+1 Perimeter down-flow chiller water cooling units.
  • 13×1100kWr Air-cooled package chillers giving 12,100kWr with N+2 redundancy.
  • Building monitoring system (BMS)


  • Full electronic access control system
  • Proximity cards
  • PIN keypads
  • Biometric palm-scanners for colocation rooms.

Main power

  • 2 independent supplies into building
  • 2 electrical substations
  • 60 MVA total incoming feed capacity
  • Diverse power routes
  • 48 Hours of generator fuel at full load
  • Static UPS
  • 60 minutes UPS autonomy
  • 21,000 KW UPS capacity
  • 2N UPS redundancy
  • N+1 generator redundancy
  • 50 MVA generator capacity


  • 1,500 kg / m² maximum floor load capacity
  • 1,200 mm maximum raised access floor height
  • 3m raised floor to ceiling height

General facilities

  • Separate Delivery Bay
  • Build/unpacking room

Fire strategy

  • Fire Detection System
  • High sensitivity smoke detection system
  • Water mist fire suppression system


  • 2 diverse entry points into building
  • 4 meet-me rooms