iland Cloud Data Center: Melbourne, Australia

iland’s Melbourne cloud data center is designed to handle the demands of cloud infrastructure and hybrid cloud environments.

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Our cloud computing data center in Melbourne is the first Victorian data center to receive Tier IV Certification of Constructed Facility (TCCF) from Uptime Institute, the world’s leading independent data center advisory and certification organization.

Melbourne cloud computing services:


iland’s services were built with compliance in mind & this extends to iland’s global data center locations. iland’s Melbourne data center is ISO 27001 certified. Built with rigorous physical security measures & access controls in place to secure your data, you can learn more about iland’s posture on compliance by visiting iland’s Compliance page.


  • 15,000m² high-density technical space

Environmental controls

  • Hot aisle containment, no raised floor
  • Vertiv evaporative free cooling units
  • N+1 independent cooling systems, providing high levels of reliability and industry leading PUE of 1.28 (yearly average) or 1.10 (yearly lowest)
  • 24 hours of water stored on-site (minimum)
  • VESDA fire detection
  • Inert gas fire suppression with low pressure release, on-site supply for two data hall-level events

Facility Security

  • Access control and video surveillance
  • Remote rack access control


  • Isolated Parallel Bus
  • 1.5MW Piller rotary UPS supported by MTU (Rolls Royce) engines, supporting the entire site load
  • 24 hours of fuel stored on-site (minimum), per engine
  • 100% UPS backup of entire site including mechanical for continuous cooling


  • Access to over 100 carriers and connectivity to other major cloud providers through iland Zipline