iland Cloud Data Center: Singapore

iland’s Singapore cloud data center is designed to handle the high availability demands of cloud infrastructure and hybrid cloud environments.

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iland’s Singapore cloud data center gives customers access to the highest quality facilities that pass rigorous audits for security, processes and controls.

Singapore cloud computing services:


iland’s services were built with compliance in mind & this extends to iland’s global data center locations. iland’s Singapore data center is ISO 27001 compliant. Built with rigorous physical security measures & access controls in place to secure your data, you can learn more about iland’s posture on compliance by visiting iland’s Compliance page.


  • 155,000 sq. ft. dedicated data center facility with 1,500 IT rack capacity.
  • 45,000 sq. ft. of gross white space
  • 4,200 mm floor to ceiling
  • 800 mm raised floor height
  • 10 kN floor load capacity

Environmental controls

  • 20-25°C temperature
  • 50% +/- 20% relative humidity
  • High-efficiency, water-cooled chillers
  • N+1 chiller redundancy
  • Dual, diverse chilled water risers
  • Thermal storage tanks for uninterruptable cooling
  • N+20% CRACs


  • 24×7 remote hands support
  • 24×7 multilingual customer service support

Facility Security

  • Stand-alone building in a secure compound
  • 7×24 security guards
  • CCTV cameras
  • Biometric/card access control


  • 12 MVA utility supply
  • 4 kVA per rack standard power density
  • 10 kVA maximum power density
  • No single point of failure
  • N+1 distributed UPS topology
  • 60,000 liters fuel capacity equivalent to 24 hours run-time at full load
  • 2N power distribution to IT racks
  • Uninterruptable Power Systems
  • 10 minutes battery autonomy
  • N+2 diesel generator redundancy


  • Direct access to major domestic exchanges and Point of Presence (PoPs) within Singapore
  • Multiple, redundant and diverse carrier networks for local access
  • Interconnect with other PEN enabled facilities across Asia-Pacific for fully automated bandwidth provisioning