iland Cloud Data Center: Sydney, Australia

iland’s Sydney cloud data center is designed to handle the demands of cloud infrastructure and hybrid cloud environments.

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Our cloud computing data center in Sydney is one of the premier data centers situated in the Macquarie Park technology zone.

Sydney cloud computing services:


iland’s services were built with compliance in mind & this extends to iland’s global data center locations. iland’s Sydney data center is ISO 27001 certified. Built with rigorous physical security measures & access controls in place to secure your data, you can learn more about iland’s posture on compliance by visiting iland’s Compliance page.


  • 17,650m² Five Story Building
  • 2800 Rack Capacity
  • 36-inch raised floor design
  • Reinforced concrete floors with 14.4kPa floor load capacity
  • Built to the Australian Earthquake Loading Standard AS1170. Importance Level 4 (IL4)

Environmental controls

  • N+1 high efficiency water cooled chillers, cooling towers and pumps
  • Dual primary pipework header and distribution system
  • Secondary pipework distribution serving data hall equipment
  • Multiple redundant water pump and compressor configuration
  • Water storage for cooling towers
  • Leak detection system
  • N+2 Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) units per data hall
  • CRAC units supply temperature control and floor pressure control
  • All CRAC units are fitted with dual power supplies


  • 24×7 staffed NOCC and remote hands support

Facility Security

  • Individual credential checks prior to authorization
  • 24/7 onsite security personnel
  • Biometric fingerprint security for data center access
  • Anti-cloning access card encryption
  • Secure lifts between floors
  • Intruder-resistant glass, steel mesh and solid concrete walls
  • Secure loading dock for deliveries
  • Extensive coverage of motion sensitive CCTV cameras
  • Remote monitoring and control of rack access via ONEDC®
  • Monitoring of news and weather for external security risks
  • Designed with advice from ASIO T4 accredited consultants and in consideration of ASIO levels of security and the future requirements of the Protective Security Policy framework (PSPF)


  • Initial available power of 12MVA, increasing up to 20MVA
  • IT load capacity of approximately 14MW
  • Minimum N+1 redundancy on power supply
  • Multiple power distribution units providing N+N final circuit distribution to IT racks
  • Harmonic distortion controlled and monitored by UPS systems
  • Full N+1 main electrical infrastructure extending to N+N at power rail level
  • Ultimate 14+1, 1670kVA Diesel Rotary UPS [DRUPS] units on an Isolated Parallel bus for 100% no break IT and mechanical power
  • Diverse main feeders delivered at 11kV
  • Minimum 24 hours’ onsite fuel supply


  • Diverse connectivity and underground cable pathways to the building
  • Dedicated interconnect rooms for cable connections
  • Access to choice of 50+ carrier networks
  • On-demand access to major cloud platforms through AXONVX