iland Migration Services

Providing end to end application and workload onboarding
and deployment to ensure a seamless cloud adoption experience.

iland Migration Services Setting the Stage

Setting the stage for success.

The actual migration to the cloud is often the last topic to be discussed before committing to a specific cloud provider. This makes sense given that the majority of the time, and focus, will be on the cloud platform’s performance, security, and cost in support of the application. However, organizations that also offer migration services prior to deployment are much more likely to transform faster, and with much lower costs and risks associated with moving the application or workload.

In support of our customer’s complete journey to the cloud, iland offers Migration Services to provide end to end movement of the customer application and workload to the cloud. iland has over a decade of experience, and thousands of successful migrations, to ensure cloud adoption happens on time and on budget.

iland Migration Services includes project management and testing, verification, the actual data migration, and the end state validation.

Migration Services were designed for the organization that
recognizes business disruption is never an option.

Industry best practices

Industry best practices
iland leverages industry experience, best practices, and the latest technology to ensure a seamless, predictable, and non-disruptive transformation experience.

Dedicated project management team

Dedicated project management
and Cloud Services Team

All Migration Services include a dedicated project manager and support from dedicated cloud service engineers.

Network deployment

Network deployment
iland network design and deployment to support the migration is based on best practices and is aligned with your existing network to ensure compatibility.


All iland Migration Services include verification and testing prior to and following the migration, but preceding the transition of the service to your organization.

Customer Support

Customer Support
iland 24/7/365 Support is ready every step of the way with any question you have before, during, or after the migration.

Migration Environment
Move the data and conduct testing
Training documentation and handoff

iland Supporting Services:

  • Expert Planning
    Expert planning
    Comprehensive cloud planning leveraging iland Catalyst to right-size your cloud environment.
  • Individual design
    Individual design
    Custom designed services to meet any application or business requirement.
  • Secure Cloud Hosting Familiar management.
    Optimized management
    Dedicated teams available in every geography to help you focus on what matters most to your business.
  • Secure Cloud Managed up to the hypervisor
    Seamless migration
    Best practices and experience for a predictable, non-disruptive transition to the cloud.