iland Planning and Assessment

Ensure your cloud expectations are met before you migrate.

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In today’s fast paced IT environment,“getting it right” the first time matters.

Moving to the cloud can improve your organization’s efficiency, reduce your costs, and speed up your time to market. But only if your cloud is designed for your unique application and business needs. Over-provision your cloud environment and you risk paying more for resources you don’t need. Under-provision your cloud solution and you risk impacting your application performance.

iland Planning and Assessment helps you right-size cloud resources before you migrate. Leveraging our custom-designed software, iland Catalyst, our Planning and Assessment service helps you build a cloud service that fits your applications’ unique cloud hosting, backup, and disaster recovery requirements.

At the heart of iland Planning and Assessment: iland Catalyst

iland Catalyst is a lightweight software tool that can quickly take inventory of a global environment through VMware vCenter. You can use the tool to drag and drop or select individual workloads, resource pools, or VM groups for their specific use cases including application production, backup, and replication.

Catalyst helps answer the questions:

  • How much compute, storage, and memory do I need in the cloud? How do I avoid overprovisioning and underprovisioning?
  • Will my current network be sufficient to support my application?
  • Which global location is best for my performance needs?
  • How much will it cost?
  • What considerations or challenges do I need to overcome before I migrate to the cloud?
  • How do I ensure my workloads are compatible in the cloud?
  • Can I achieve my replication and migration goals (i.e. RTO and seeding times)
Planning and Assessment Console

Features & Benefits

iland understands the importance, and the challenges, of deploying a cloud environment that meets your performance and cost expectations from the outset. With iland Planning and Assessment, we further simplify our customers’ journey to the cloud with complete strategy, planning visibility, and process detail.


  • Planning and Assessments Model
    Model your cloud sizing and capacity requirements based on real-time production data. Quickly see how much storage, compute, and memory you will need in the cloud.
  • Planning and Assessment Builtin Database
    Leverage a built-in database of real-world usage patterns for accurate modeling of different scenarios.
  • Planning and Assessment Groups
    Create custom groups for sizing individual workloads,
    applications groups, or different production sites.
  • Planning and Assessment Test
    Test your model and network capabilities with any iland cloud location to ensure bandwidth is optimized. Update workload bundles with estimates for data seeding or backup change rates.
  • Planning and Assessment Predict Costs
    Predict monthly usage costs using different usage scenarios including ad-hoc/disaster events enabling you to model your failover costs.
  • Planning and Assessment MacOS
    Mac OS support to provide Catalyst capabilities for both Windows and Mac environments.
  • Planning and Assessment Replication
    Veeam Cloud Connect Replication storage calculator to predict storage needs on Veeam-based disaster recovery environments.
  • Planning and Assessment Repo
    Veeam Scale Out Backup Repository (SOBR) object storage calculator to size cloud archives.


  • Planning and Assessment indv assessment
    Individual business and application assessment.
  • Planning and Assessment Performance
    Performance and cost modeling.
  • Planning and Assessment Efficiency
    Improved efficiency and higher levels of utilization.
  • Planning and Assessment Value
    Faster time to market and value.
  • Planning and Assessment TCO
    Significantly reduced TCO and improved ROI.
Planning and Assessment Goals

Review goals, timelines, and project steps.

To kickoff the Planning and Assessment, the iland team will meet with you to review your application goals from a performance, security, and cost standpoint. We will also discuss your timeline and project steps to completion.

Planning and Assessment Deploy

Deploy iland Catalyst.

Following the goal setting step, we will deploy iland Catalyst in your environment. This planning tool will gather information about your existing on-premises environment for use in resource location, sizing, and cost.

Planning and Assessment Design

Planning and design.

Once iland Catalyst output has been retrieved and analyzed, the Cloud Solution Architecture team will make a recommendation. The goal of the proposal is to answer the question: “Which cloud solution is right for my business needs?” with complete visibility and transparency into the design of your new cloud service.

iland Benchmade Testimonial


Benchmade’s iland Secure DRaaS deployment was made easy with the iland Catalyst tool. Benchmade’s IT Infrastructure Manager was able to precisely size his cloud and forecast costs with the tool by accurately modeling his application performance and capacity requirements. After instantly seeing the Catalyst report, the Benchmade team was able to work with the DRaaS migration team to get set up while also making adjustments on the fly as needed.

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iland Supporting Services:

  • Expert Planning
    Expert planning
    Comprehensive cloud planning leveraging iland Catalyst to right-size your cloud environment.
  • Individual design
    Individual design
    Custom designed services to meet any application or business requirement.
  • Secure Cloud Hosting Familiar management.
    Optimized management
    Dedicated teams available in every geography to help you focus on what matters most to your business.
  • Secure Cloud Managed up to the hypervisor
    Seamless migration
    Best practices and experience for a predictable, non-disruptive transition to the cloud.