iland Secure Cloud

Run your existing VMware workloads on iland Cloud without refactoring, without re-architecting, and without disruption.

A cloud above the rest

Most cloud providers attempt to provide complete solutions to meet their customers’ business expectations. But the reality is, every customer is at a different point in their cloud journey and has different requirements for success. Hyperscale clouds, in particular, often present significant challenges and compromises to adoption that must be overcome for long-term success.

iland Secure Cloud was designed to address the most common challenges associated with cloud adoption, and to eliminate customer compromises. Through our plan, predict, migrate, optimize, protect strategy, iland Secure Cloud provides the best of cloud by including everything you need to satisfy even the most complex application requirements.

  • Plan: Cloud solutions designed for your specific business and application requirements
  • Predict: Simple pricing to understand and forecast the cost of your cloud over time
  • Migrate: Dedicated services to onboard, deploy, and support your application to success
  • Optimize: Platform built with proven VMware technology, unified management, and an extensible API
  • Protect: Included security, dedicated compliance, and built-in backup

iland Secure Public Cloud

Combines the proven technology of iland Secure Public Cloud with dedicated resources to deliver unprecedented performance, security, and the flexibility

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iland Secure Private Cloud

Run your VMware workloads natively with enterprise-grade IaaS, managed up to the hypervisor

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iland has been working with VMware customers for over a decade to support their mission critical workloads in the cloud. Our experts ensure that when you move on-premises applications to the cloud, or establish a hybrid cloud strategy, for production, data protection, or disaster recovery, that you are provided with the right VMware-based environment to meet your needs for performance, security, and cost.

The VMware-based technology you know and trust, available globally.

The underlying technology that delivers the cloud service matters. iland uses proven technology from leading vendors including VMware, HPE Nimble, Cisco, Trend Micro, and Tenable.

  • Ensure services are certified for highest performance, availability, and security, no matter the use case.
  • Provides you with confidence that your adoption of cloud will be quick, your experience familiar, and your cloud service as reliable as you would expect on-premises.
  • Includes uptime guaranteed by a 100%, Financially-backed Service Level Agreement (SLA).

iland services are available in cloud regions around the world to support performance needs, geographic diversity, data sovereignty, and redundancy options for data protection and disaster recovery.

Single console to manage all iland services.

Secure Cloud Console is our award-winning, unified management platform. The console provides:

  • Management across all iland services including public cloud, private cloud, backup, disaster recovery, and more.
  • Complete control and deep visibility into your cloud infrastructure resources such as compute, storage, networking, and security.
  • Ease of use for monitoring, reporting, and billing.
  • APIs designed for extensibility. Develop in-house applications that can leverage iland Secure Cloud Console for visibility and control.

Single console to manage all iland services.

iland Secure Cloud includes managed, purpose-selected security across all services. iland security is directly integrated into the iland Secure Cloud Console to provide for ease of use, transparency, and control.

Together with other native infrastructure features, iland security includes:

  • RBAC (Role Based Access Control)
  • Two-factor authentication
  • (Optional) VM encryption
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Antivirus/anti-malware
  • Integrity monitoring
  • Deep-packet inspection for intrusion detection and prevention
  • Detailed firewall and log events
  • Storage-based encryption enabling encryption at-rest

Through our management console, you have access to on-demand reporting and alerting for security and compliance, smoothing the path to completing audits.

All-inclusive consumption-based pricing.

iland’s consumption-based service model is measured on actual usage of compute resources, not allocation. This provides you with high levels of utilization, reduces complexity, and improves forecasting accuracy.

  • No transaction fees
  • No bandwidth fees
  • No additional or hidden charges

iland offers three straightforward, all-inclusive pricing models to ensure you can optimize cloud costs, with no hidden charges or fees.

Going beyond traditional IaaS.

As you move from an on-premises environment to the cloud, iland manages your environment up to the hypervisor layer to ensure your transformation to the cloud is successful.

All Secure Cloud solutions include:

  • Complete cloud resource management
  • VMware upgrades and patches
  • Management of purpose-selected security, compliance, backup, storage, and compute layers.

Complete protection for your mission-critical applications with built-in backup and integrated disaster recovery.

iland helps your organization play defense against unplanned downtime, and data loss.

  • Built-in iland Secure Cloud Backup to protect against internal and external threats.
  • Fully-integrated, industry-leading iland Secure Disaster Recovery as a Service is available for complete data protection and recovery.

Let us help you meet your specific industry and geographic compliance needs.

Providing audit documentation, interpreting regulatory requirements and answering security questions can be confusing. To help make the transition to cloud easier from a compliance standpoint, and to help tackle your geographic and/or industry-specific regulatory requirements, iland maintains an in-house compliance team that is ready to support you.

Adopt the cloud without disrupting your existing network investment.

One of the challenges of moving to the cloud, or adopting a second or third cloud, is the ability to communicate with other networks or applications. This is important to ensure centralized communication between workloads.

To support this, iland offers Network Support services and multi-cloud connectivity to give you the flexibility to maintain and preserve your existing network policies and investments to ensure your workloads can communicate.

This also allows you to proceed with your existing corporate network strategy without disruption. Ultimately, iland’s goal is to deliver the efficiency of cloud, without the conflict inherent in using incompatible networks.

Individually-designed cloud solutions to meet your specific business and application needs.

iland provides cloud strategy and design services leveraging iland Catalyst, our environment assessment tool, used to model and ensure workload performance requirements are met prior to deployment.

The journey to the cloud is as important as the destination.

iland understands the importance and the challenges of migrating to the cloud without disruption. Not all companies have the in-house resources, time, or desire to risk the downtime associated with moving mission-critical workloads and sensitive data off-premises.

To help you simplify your migration to the cloud, iland takes a comprehensive approach to migrating data by including a dedicated project manager and cloud services engineers to ensure that data is migrated safely and securely to the iland Cloud Platform.

You’re not alone with our cloud.

Our 24/7/365 support team is available by phone, email and ticketing system to address your questions. That begins with our seamless onboarding process through to your ongoing operations – for questions large and small.

iland understands that technical questions represent time and money to our customers, so we strive to resolve issues rapidly with our committed technical team in each region.

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Customer Spotlight:

What do you look for in a cloud provider?
In this short video from VMworld 2018, Matt Gordon of Cherwell Software discusses the global enterprise IT provider’s journey to the cloud, why they chose iland as their VMware cloud provider, and how the business has benefitted from the partnership.

Use Cases:

iland Secure Public Cloud is ideal for:

Mission critical applications and general workloads
Small databases and large relational databases
Web and mobile applications and servers
Batch processing and media streaming
Disaster recovery and data protection use cases

iland Hosted Private Cloud is ideal for:

Mission critical workloads with demanding
performance/RAM requirements
Businesses with specific regulatory, compliance, and data sovereignty needs
Environments with CPU-based pricing models that need hardware flexibility
Use cases requiring extensive customization across several criteria

Available in all geographies that iland operates.