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With support for dozens of operating systems, small workloads to very large VMs, and the service catalog to organize it all, iland’s VMware-based secure cloud services can meet your needs.


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enterprise class cloud
Built with the best of VMware and Cisco technology, the iland secure cloud solutions– from iland Secure Cloud℠ to iland Secure DRaaS℠ to iland Secure Private Cloud℠ – deliver the most flexible cloud platform to our global customers.

Designed with usability through our industry-leading management console, robust sizing options and support for workloads from development to production, the iland Secure Cloud was developed with our customers’ needs in mind.

Through continual innovation and investment in the platform, customers also have access to exceptional security options, included 7-day backups, and many more features required by enterprise-class use cases.

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VM scalability

support for very large VM workloads
Small virtual machines are reasonably common in the cloud – but few cloud services can support the largest of VMs. iland Secure Cloud and iland Secure DRaaS can support large VMs of up to 84 vCPU and 4TB of RAM (some features may require Secure Private Cloud) – enough to hold your biggest workloads.

resize VM’s with no downtime
The power to resize your VMs rests with you, through our iland Secure Cloud Console℠. Without any downtime, you can shift resources from one VM to another, optimizing your performance and your spending. You also have the ability to resize storage and networking for your VMs.

bare metal physical server integration
If a VM is not in the cards for your system, iland also enables physical server integration and colocation within each of our data centers.

intuitive management

iland Secure Cloud is more than IaaS or Cloud Hosting – it is an enterprise hosting platform deployed globally and managed through our award winning iland Secure Cloud Console. With iland Secure Cloud, you can easily manage all of your virtual data center resources such as compute, storage and complex networking, view detailed performance information, restore from backups, replicate data to other iland secure clouds, access billing information and more.

Within the iland Secure Cloud Console, you can:

  • Manage your compute and storage resources – and configure your network
  • View detailed performance and billing information
  • View and restore VMs from encrypted backups
  • Manage your iland Secure DRaaS
  • Access all your compliance and security reporting
  • Set customized alerts to receive notifications on security events

The iland Secure Cloud console is updated and released on a weekly basis, ensuring that you are getting the latest innovations and user-driven enhancements to streamline your cloud experience.

iland Cloud Console
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physical server integration

There are times when a system cannot be virtualized – for any number of reasons. Sometimes licensing is a challenge. Other times, the database or other system simply needs the structure of a dedicated physical system.  Often, this system represents a single tier of a multi-tier application – without the physical component, none of the application can be moved to the cloud.

To accommodate these use cases – and ensure you can make the most of iland Secure Cloud, we can support the provisioning of physical systems from our best of breed Cisco infrastructure.


supported OS & Databases

iland Secure Cloud supports more than 70 operating systems, from a variety of Linux versions to Windows. In fact, your Windows OS license is included with your cloud purchase.

Databases can often require very large VMs – or be bound by licenses to physical systems. Often, their speed requirements are critical. With that in mind, iland offers:

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build your IT service catalog

The default service catalog within iland Secure Cloud Console comes pre-stocked with a set of common templates. But, we know that every organization has their own favorite vApps and VMs – so we made it easy to build and publish your own catalog to any iland secure cloud location. What’s included? Built in version control and auto-sync for consistent, smooth deployment for you and your team.

“iland helps us get the job done, as its enterprise cloud infrastructure and iland Secure Cloud Console give us the superior level of transparency and analytics we need to optimize our cloud resources. What’s more, iland continues to integrate new functionality such as backup and disaster recovery capabilities into its console, which we look forward to leveraging as our portfolio evolves to satisfy diverse customer demands.”

Laith Zalzalah, director, portfolio management – cloud services, Mitel


built-in backup

All workloads in the iland Secure Cloud are backed up for 7-days, free of charge, and can be restored at any time through our secure cloud console. If you have a need for longer-term backups – 30 days or 90 days – you can easily upgrade.

For companies requiring a second replica, backups can be automatically stored at a secondary location in the iland Secure Cloud for an additional fee.

detailed reporting

To meet your compliance needs and to demonstrate strong security controls, iland provides detailed reporting as part of our own industry-leading management console, the iland Secure Cloud Console.
With reports on malware detection, event histories and more – all presented in an easily consumable graphical layout, you can be confident that you’ll have the information you need to support your audit.

Detailed Reporting
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