iland Secure DRaaSSM with Zerto

Fully integrated into the iland Secure Cloud ConsoleSM, making it easy
to manage disaster recovery with just a simple click of a button.

Increased Flexibility, More Control
Simplify your Disaster Recovery plan with a simple click of a button. Built on iland’s Secure Cloud platform with direct integration into Zerto’s industry-leading replication software, iland Secure DRaaS with Zerto offers increased flexibility, customized runbook functionality, optimized RPOs and near-zero RTOs so you have more control over your disaster recovery plan and faster failover with automated failover and failback.

With years of experience in deploying DR for hundreds of customers, iland provides a true partnership for customers using a comprehensive methodology delivered by our experienced team of engineers helping design and implement a DR plan that fits your organization’s needs.

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Simplify Disaster Recovery

Virtual Protection Groups – Grouping and tiering VMs for protection ensures consistent recovery points (RPOs) across all grouped machines. Paired with right-order fidelity, applications will failover while maintaining matching data and application integrity. The technology is also Microsoft VSS aware for certain applications such as SQL and Exchange.

Partial Failover – By grouping VMs supporting multi-tier applications, you can perform partial failovers within that group, reducing cost and simplifying failback.

Speedy Replication – Network compression integration enables both closer Recovery Points and reduced WAN bandwidth requirements.

Recovery Assurance – Create DR runbooks within the iland Console to configure the orchestration of recovery groups which enables automated testing and failover of your DR plan.

iland Secure Disaster Recovery with Zerto

Storage Options – Supports replication of VMware virtual machines and is storage-agnostic with two tiers of encrypted storage to ensure all key workloads are protected.

Failover Assistance – A failover wizard automates & guides the failover process and alerts and reporting about the failover are available in the iland Secure Cloud ConsoleSM.

DNS Failover – Disaster recovery management is simplified with the integration of DNS management into the cloud console. DNS management can be performed from the same location in which you manage cloud resources and disaster recovery. Easily manage your public IP blocks, DNS zones, records, and make updates to all your DNS records in the event of a failover through an easy-to-use search and edit tool within the console.

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Accelerate Recovery Time Objective

Fast Access to Your Data
Traditionally, disaster recovery means recovering data before accessing systems. With iland Secure DRaaS with Zerto hosting, a journal keeps an historical record of changes made to VMs. Then, every end user request is analyzed and the response returned either directly from the virtual machine or from the journal, if it is more current. This process continues until the failover is complete.

Failover network and integration capabilities allow end users to seamlessly access data during and following a failover event. iland Secure Cloud can be configured with recovery networks that match your internal private network range(s), yielding a more aggressive RTO with no reconfiguration of VMs.


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iland Global Datacenters
End User Access
iland’s experience with DR highlights that end user access is a critical piece of a successful DR solution. Thus, iland has built-in options for firewall, SSL and Site to Site VPN access, and supports tailored options to meet your needs.

Location Choice
With SSAE 16/ISO 27001 certified Tier III data centers around the globe and connections to more than 500 IP providers, iland ensures your data is secure, fixed within your chosen country, and fails over rapidly.

Reduce Data Loss

Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) – Define your own RPOs for your VMs or groups of VMs with iland Secure DRaaS. RPOs of seconds can be achieved with little impact on performance or resource usage of the primary system.

Automated Failover/Failback – iland Secure DRaaS with Zerto accelerates and automates the entire failover and failback process, reducing the errors of manual failback , lowering data loss, and ensuring data integrity.

Granular Restore – A checkpoint journal at the recovery site can store RPO points from between 1 – 720 hours, enabling restores to points prior to the disaster.

Test Anytime – The iland Secure Cloud ConsoleSM enables you to test your disaster recovery yourself – whenever you want and as often as you need – to ensure your plan works. Failover and back without service disruption – and without fitting an arbitrary schedule.

Elevate DR Confidence with iland Recovery Assurance?

DR Runbooks – Set up recovery groups in runbooks to simplify the management and execution of your DR plan. Create multiple plans for any scenario within the iland Console that will enable you to orchestrate a complete recovery.

Testing and Failover Validation – Run a full suite of DR testing by selecting a runbook and then invoking the automated test failover. Verify the success of your runbook before there is a disaster.

iland’s Expertise – iland technical support and professional services works hand-in-hand with you to help craft a complete DR solution that meets your cost requirements and risk tolerance. Our consultative approach ensures your solution will be implemented quickly and tailored for success at your organization.

Built-in Reporting and Auditingiland Secure DRaaSSM logs all changes to your DR configuration, generates automated reports with detailed testing RTOs, provides security reporting, alerting on performance thresholds, and set testing schedules.

  • Ready-to-use Infrastructure

    Replicate to iland Secure Cloud, an enterprise-class infrastructure powered by industry-leading technology, delivering performance that meets or exceeds your own.

  • 100% Infrastructure Availability SLA

    Have confidence with our global 100% infrastructure availability SLA. Your recovery site will not be impacted by unscheduled downtime during testing or an actual disaster.

  • Safe and Secure

    With iland’s advanced security features, your DRaaS solution can extend the security measures and compliance rules you already have on-premise into the cloud.

Purchase Options

iland offers straightforward pricing for our DRaaS with Zerto. Our pricing is comprised of just three components:

  • A low per-VM license fee
  • The cost of your reserved storage, in any of our 2 tiers of storage and optional reserved bandwidth
  • Pay-as-you-go prices for any ongoing workloads, like domain controllers, running in the cloud

With a low monthly fee and both long-term contracts and a month-to-month option, there’s no reason to remain without disaster protection any longer.

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