cloud disaster recovery makes it easy to be prepared

Like most IT departments, you are well aware of the impact a disaster – natural or otherwise – could have on your business. And like most, DR planning is usually relegated to the future – when more time or more budget will be available.  Cloud computing disaster recovery has changed the game- solving the problem quickly and at a refreshingly low price.

Disaster Recovery: The Budget Item You Cannot Afford to Cut

good, fast & cheap cloud disaster recovery

Good disaster preparedness is far more than just a backup of data. It’s the ability to failover to another location, far from your home base, rapidly and with limited or no interruption in service. It is also more than the technology – it’s the process of pulling the trigger, failing over, and then failing back when appropriate.

But, good disaster recovery can’t break the bank. Like any insurance policy, it should be cost effective. Cost effective to establish, to test, and, in case of emergency, to pull the trigger. Insurance isn’t any good if you can’t rapidly and confidently make the decision to use it.

With the advent of cloud, good disaster recovery is within reach of any organization.

core considerations drive DR choices

Over our many years of experience, talking with over a thousand companies, we have a strong sense for what matters to you in disaster recovery. Key among your concerns are:

Speed: It is critical that your failover occur rapidly – and that minimal data is lost. These are the metrics of RTO (Recovery Time Objective) & RPO (Recovery Point Objective). iland provides almost immediate failover, seconds after you trigger the disaster with continuous data protection.

Locations: iland has locations across the United States, throughout the United Kingdom and in Singapore. With growth plans throughout EMEA and Asia Pacific this year, our global footprint will ensure you have recovery options where you need them.

Testing: You never know how well a system will work without testing it. And, as things change in your environment, you’ll want to periodically re-test your DR system to ensure it remains properly configured. iland provides entirely self-service testing, so you can validate your plan as often as you need without any approvals or intervention.

Support: With 24×7 phone and email support, in addition to integrated ticketing within our management console, iland is committed to the success of each and every one of our customers.

Data Sovereignty: It may be important for you that your cloud workloads continue to reside within your country, and its laws and jurisdiction. With the iland Secure Cloud℠, your workload will not cross borders – and you can always know its exact location.

With our extensive global experience with disaster recovery, we’ve engineered a solution that addresses the key concerns of our customers. Because DR should relieve stress – not add headaches.

Read the DR-as-a-Service Datasheet

the trick to DR is in the details

If you have the most basic environment, 100% virtualized, no interesting configurations, then your DR plan can be rather straightforward. But, most environments have a tricky bit or two – and you need a solution to address it.

  • Network-layer flexibility – When ensuring rapid recovery from disaster, often the network is the trickiest part. iland provides carrier-neutral facilities and a range of configuration options, up to and including colocation of equipment, to ensure your users experience a seamless transition.
  • Support for legacy systems  – Most IT departments aren’t 100% virtualized – so often, critical systems are left out of DR plans. iland supports physical and legacy systems with our suite of DR solutions, ensuring that your entire business is safe.
  • Planning and Assessment – In any new domain, it can often be useful to get some help from an expert. Our DR planning and assessment service evaluates your technical requirements, your processes and procedures, and your risk tolerance to craft a DR plan that meets your needs in under a week.

cloud to cloud recovery

It makes sense for every organization to back up their cloud workloads to a secondary site in the cloud.  Some organizations need a secondary failover site for regulatory reasons.  Others to comply with data sovereignty requirements.  Whatever the reason, iland replicates your applications and data between data centers to bolster security and speed recovery.  Prior to replication, we work with you to understand your VM groups and manage testing and failover to the secondary site.