iland Secure DRaaSSM
with Veeam

Industry-leading support for Veeam Cloud Connect Replication

Looking for Veeam Replication?

iland offers Veeam Cloud Connect Replication at our global locations. Benefits include:

  • Advanced replication managed through your Veeam console
  • Full and partial-site fail-over to the iland enterprise cloud
  • Easy deployment and straightforward failover triggers
  • Secure connections, network extension appliances, and traffic reduction mechanisms
  • The best customer service in the industry from iland

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Is the vendor reputable, do they have the data centers, redundancy, and the uptime? And do they have a proven track record with VMware and Veeam? With iland, the answer was 'yes' to all my concerns.

Renee Mengali
President of Mengali Accountancy, iland customer


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