Got Veeam? How to Pick a Provider to Complete Your Disaster Recovery Plan

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As you probably know, Veeam recently released v9 of its Veeam Availability Suite – and with it comes the option to do remote Disaster Recovery as a Service. Beyond just backup, this solution enables you to fail over if disaster strikes, keeping your business running all the while.

Whether the disaster is a system outage, a natural disaster, or a malicious attack, having the option to fail over and be up-and-running minutes later can mean millions of dollars/pounds to your business – and a crisis averted.


  • How long have you been a Veeam Partner?
  • Is the pricing straightforward? Cost effective?
  • How difficult is it to configure?
  • What level of support is provided?
  • What is your experience as a DRaaS provider?

Watch Lilac and Jeff for an overview of the solution and a demo of how easy it is to configure and operate in the iland cloud.

Watch the Webinar OnDemand
Presenter Bios

Jeff Polczynski, Enterprise Solutions Architect - iland

Jeff Polczynski is an Enterprise Solutions Architect at iland. Formerly, Jeff was a Network Engineer with iland who helped design and build the network infrastructure upon which the iland Secure Cloud? services run. Jeff loves to regale IT war stories from his 20 years as a Network and Security Engineer in government, financial services, and service provider sectors. Today he helps iland customers by tailoring the iland services into a personalized cloud solution.

Lilac Schoenbeck, VP of Product Marketing and Development - iland

Lilac has more than 15 years of experience with product marketing, strategy, business development, and software engineering in the grid, virtualization, and cloud domains. Prior to this role, she led cloud and automation marketing for BMC Software, and has worked for IBM, Fortisphere, Innosight, and the Globus Alliance. Lilac holds an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management and a Computer Science degree from Pacific Lutheran University.

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