iland Cloud Networking

Flexible networking options for a multi-cloud world. Preserve and enhance your current network, connect all your applications, and protect your data wherever it lives.

Fully-customizable connectivity between your existing on-premises environment, iland Cloud, and other clouds you already use today.

When it comes to the cloud, communication between applications and services is critical. iland Cloud Networking was designed to provide customers with near-infinite connectivity options to not only future proof your cloud strategy, but to also extend, support and enhance your existing network investment.

Seamless, resilient, ready. The way your cloud network should be.


Unmatched flexibility to meet the needs of your hybrid and multi-cloud applications and workloads

The cloud is more than a destination. It is a journey that starts in different places for different organizations, has different requirements for success, and must be adaptable to change over time. 

Whether this is your first move to the cloud, or you are looking to expand on an existing multi-cloud strategy, iland Cloud Networking provides continued connectivity to all data and applications whether used for production, backup, or recovery. To help make the transition to your new cloud strategy seamless, we have designed our cloud to be flexible for the future, and to help preserve and enhance your existing network investment. iland offers a range of options that have been standardized and validated to meet your unique environment needs:


  • Layer 2 and Layer 3 networking
  • Connectivity with hundreds of carriers and circuit options (MPLS/VPLS, direct circuit)
  • “Bring your own” (BYO) options for seamless connectivity including virtual and physical network appliances and external IPs
  • iland Zipline (Megaport) to bring together a software defined elastic interconnection fabric between hyper-scale clouds, major data centers, and other global services. You can also use iland Zipline to provide dedicated, flexible, and high performing interconnects across your entire hybrid cloud infrastructure. 
  • Software Defined Networking
  • Integrated VMware NSX software defined networking services to provide network segmentation, isolation and secure access including IPsec/SSL VPN.
  • Fully isolated LAN segments that can be customized to fit your exact needs (including compliance compatible configurations) 
  • Self-service management of a fully-featured firewall delivered as a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). Users can manage firewall rules, NAT, DHCP, Routing and more – including a history of all changes made; allowing users to revert back to a previous checkpoint whenever needed.

Need more options? Bring your own virtual or physical firewall appliance to fit your exact networking requirements. iland can provide isolated internal networking that can be customized to your requirements.


Common access and familiar management to speed adoption

The move to the cloud is not only a hardware/software transformation, it is also a human resource/management transformation. As a result, the skill sets of your existing IT staff can quickly become strained by incompatible knowledge with new networking topology, terminology, and management interfaces. 

To assist you with reconciling the resources needed to manage your new iland Cloud environment and your existing environment, you will find iland Cloud Networking to have a similar look and feel to VMware and the ability to integrate your existing solutions for a “same as on-premises” management experience. All managed via the Secure Cloud Console, users will quickly acclimate, customize, and get to full productivity speeding time to value with existing skills transfer.


Accessible for maximum cloud infrastructure visibility and transparency

The visibility and control you have established in your on-premises network, particularly in terms of security, has been a core focus of iland in developing our Cloud Networking capabilities. Administrators know that limited or compromised visibility and control into key network and firewall services can result in security threats, loss of access to core applications and services. It can slow time to implement new requests and the ability to adapt to changing business needs. 

To address this, iland enables full visibility into:

  • Integrated VMware NSX firewalls
  • Software Defined Networking
  • DNS management – including DNS zones management, and updates to all your DNS records

These capabilities ensure security, and control over your IT perimeter and internal security layers.


Redundancy by design for true network resiliency

iland knows that a lack of circuit diversity can lead to single point of failure or impairment. To create ultimate service resiliency, we have designed and deployed our technical components in a highly redundant manner with configurations that provide the highest levels of availability / continuity of service. This strategy enables seamless and redundant connectivity between workloads and applications housed in multi-cloud environments or on-premises environments. At the same time, this resilient configuration also ensures consistently high performance.


High speed, low-latency options for highest network performance 

Network performance is an oft-overlooked element in the context of cloud evaluation. With iland, you benefit from a number of performance options that provide consistent, low latency, high speed bandwidth for replication and end user access connectivity:

  • Integrated, resilient high-speed connectivity to blended Tier 1 providers
  • Flexible carrier options (Megaport, BYO carrier)
  • Multiple redundant high speed carriers as part of our standard offering
  • Resilient, high speed 10Gbps internet bandwidth deployed in each iland region as standard
  • Monitoring and routing controls to better understand and optimize connectivity to our cloud, and within our cloud


Multi-layered security for consistent defense across all your services

Security is at the heart of all we do at iland. Since the start, we have pushed the boundaries of security in the cloud with the capabilities and flexibility you need to meet your specific needs. From physical security in each of our Cloud Regions, to logical security at the software and hardware layer, to process-based security and regulatory compliance, iland operates multiple layers of security for protecting the perimeter network across all iland Cloud Regions including:

  • Ability to create security boundaries between Cloud Regions, multi-clouds, offices, and remote employees via iland Secure Console configuration of firewalls and network segmentation
  • ThousandEyes monitoring services for all upstream routing
  • Real-time blackholing of IPs and routing metric modifications
  • Real-time coordination with upstream ISPs for on-demand traffic-rerouting
  • Support for additional 3rd-party, customer managed, security solutions such as DDoS services, SIEM solutions and more 
  • Real-time monitoring by our Cloud Operations team to ensure known vulnerabilities are addressed in accordance with our patch policy
  • Historical reports analyzed on a regular basis


Meet network expectations before you deploy

Moving to the cloud successfully requires more than a platform – it requires comprehensive planning ahead of time to make sure the cloud provider can meet your expectations. With iland, Cloud Networking features and capabilities are tested beforehand to prevent incorrect assumptions and ensure your performance needs are satisfied. 

iland uses Catalyst software, which is our in-house software data collection and analysis platform, to help you accurately model and measure throughput and performance at any one of our iland Cloud Regions, before you deploy. With Catalyst, you can:

  • Model your cloud sizing and capacity requirements based on real-time production data. Quickly see how much storage, compute, bandwidth, and memory you will need in the cloud
  • Leverage a built-in database of real-world usage patterns for accurate modeling of different scenarios
  • Create custom groups for sizing individual workloads, applications groups, or different production sites
  • Test your model and network capabilities with any iland cloud location to ensure bandwidth is optimized. Update workload bundles with estimates for data seeding or backup change rates
  • Predict monthly usage costs using different usage scenarios including ad-hoc/disaster events enabling you to model your failover costs.


Global availability for wherever your business takes you

iland operates 10 Cloud Regions. Each region is equipped for performance, security, and resiliency with a consistent design ready to meet your multi-site/multi-cloud needs. iland’s global regions provide strategic placement near large population centers to supply low latency, provide ease of local support/access, data sovereignty and robust connectivity. 

  • Locations include: Los Angeles, Dallas, Reston, Sterling, London, Manchester, Amsterdam, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne and Toronto
iland global map

Available in all geographies that iland operates.

Designed to meet your unique business requirements, globally.
iland cloud regions were designed to meet the highest standards for security, compliance and performance possible today. With global availability, consistent infrastructure design, and unparalleled scale and flexibility, our cloud regions will be ready for your changing business.