iland Cloud Platform

Performance, security, and control through proven technology.

Successful clouds start with
the right foundation.

The iland Cloud Platform provides the foundation for a complete cloud transformation, while giving you the proven technology you need for a true competitive advantage.

With proven solutions from VMware, HPE Nimble, Cisco, and Trend Micro, the iland Cloud Platform was designed to meet the performance, security, and resiliency needs of your growing business. The Cloud Platform supports all iland services from application hosting to disaster recovery, while delivering a truly integrated experience across services and with your existing on-premises environment.

The best solutions are built from the best
technologies and services.

But deep integration across technologies is critical for success. iland takes solution integration to the next level, beyond what other providers are capable of, resulting in unprecedented control, flexibility, and visibility for all your application and workloads.

The iland Cloud Platform is:

Quickly add or remove resources using iland’s flexible pool-based approach.

To respond to changing business conditions, you need your cloud to be able to add resources for performance, remove resources when they aren’t needed, and have the flexibility to do it all quickly.

The iland Cloud Platform gives you the power to get exactly what your application needs without compromising on performance or price. Make your cloud resources work for your business:

  • Right size your storage, compute, and memory for efficiency, (independent scaling of resources) while still having access to capacity on demand (pay for what you consume)
  • Use monitoring and alerts to stay ahead of resource shortfalls, or to ensure you aren’t over-allocating resources
  • Leverage different tiers of storage, including solid state disk, based on your cost and performance requirements
  • Make changes quickly and easily through the iland Secure Cloud Console
  • Wide OS and application support
  • Support for very large virtual machines
  • Support for physical servers within your secure cloud footprint
  • Resize your VMs with no downtime
  • Consistent performance you expect from VMware technologies

Complete VM and infrastructure control.

With iland, you have full control over all the elements of your iland Cloud Platform including storage, compute, memory, networking and security. In addition, you can:

  • Control any virtual machine workload running in the iland Secure Cloud. For IT administrators utilizing VMware on-premises, you will recognize the look and feel and comprehensive control.
  • View resource usage in real-time and historically for metrics such as CPU, RAM, storage, and bandwidth. This allows you to validate or right-size performance, support troubleshooting efforts, and plan for scale up / scale down exercises for the future.
  • Report on built-in security for all technologies within the iland Secure Cloud platform. This ensures security threats, incidents, and information can be responded to in a timely manner which is critical to ensuring that overall risk is reduced.
  • Gain full visibility into integrated VMware NSX firewalls, software defined networking and DNS management within the environment – to ensure security, and control over perimeter and internal security layers.
  • Leverage deep data integrations for backup, cloud to cloud DR, and more.

Multiple layers of data protection for your peace of mind.

The iland Cloud Platform offers multiple layers of data protection across a wide variety of environments. Whether your data is on-premises or in our Secure Cloud, the platform was designed to provide solutions to meet exact RTO/RPO and resilience needs (from seconds to hours of recovery). iland Cloud Platform:

  • Includes an audited 100% uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • Provides access to multi-site replication, cloud to cloud disaster recovery, on-demand VM snapshots, automated VM backups, and firewall configuration backup to ensure each aspect of an application has redundancy.
  • Finally, customers have full control and visibility over their data protection technologies through the iland Secure Cloud Console.

Integrated security to protect against cybercrime.

We have built security directly into the iland Cloud Platform so it is never overlooked. With iland, you have integrated:

  • Tools to prevent and alert malicious guest/OS level activity for internal and customer hosted guests/data
  • Antivirus and anti-Malware scanning and quarantining
  • Intrusion detection and prevention engine
  • Automated inspection of OS and application log files for malicious activity
  • Automated blocking of access to malicious sites from within customer workloads based on a real time blacklist
  • Two-Factor Authentication to the iland Secure Cloud Console management interface
  • Highest-level encryption of customer data inflight and at rest with hardware (AES-256 Bit Encryption) and software defined methods
  • On-demand access to security reports for compliance needs
  • Role based access control helps reduce insider threats
  • Vulnerability scanning and the ability to trigger on-demand assessments of application security

“Do no harm” networking approach.

iland understands that not all connectivity issues can be solved by a one-size-fits all approach. As a result, iland Cloud Platform’s flexibility and deep integration gives you ultimate control of your existing and future application environments via:

  • Integrated VMware-based network services for network and security segmentation and secure access via IPsec/SSL VPN.
  • “Bring your own” options including physical/virtual network appliances, flexible carrier and circuit options (MPLS/VPLS, direct circuit) for global connectivity
  • VMware NSX, Megaport/SD-WAN and our high throughput circuits for performance and integration purposes.
  • Familiar, VMware-based networking tools through the intuitive iland Secure Cloud Console.

Built with VMware technology for easy deployment.

The iland Cloud Platform was designed with VMware to provide customers with a seamless transformation to the cloud. All of our offerings leverage the VMware stack – ensuring the highest levels of compatibility, availability, and scale across your environment. This also means your existing VMware skills transfer directly.

With iland Cloud Platform, customers benefit from:

  • No conversion of VMware workloads for use in iland Cloud Platform
  • VMware-based look, feel, management for 100% skills transfer to iland Cloud Platform
  • High availability for reduced downtime
  • Non-intrusive scaling for easy resource deployment
  • Default service catalog within iland Secure Cloud Console comes pre-stocked with a set of common templates with built-in version control and auto-sync for consistent, smooth deployment for you and your team.
  • Production-grade systems to support Oracle, SQL Server, Hana and other databases including open source such as Cassandra, MongoDB, Hadoop and more

Tested and certified solutions for your high performance needs.

iland Cloud Platform has been validated with leading technology vendor solutions to ensure performance and availability objectives are met. The flexibility of the platform not only meets the needs of existing applications, but future applications will benefit from the technical standard adhered to by these vendors.

Select technical details of iland Cloud Platform:

  • Cisco UCS for host infrastructure to provide high speed/performance compute and memory capacity
  • “Next-gen” Intel Xeon CPU’s for high performance CPU operations
  • HPE Nimble Storage to provide high IOPs to customer virtual machines through pure SSD and SSD accelerated storage tier’s
  • Encryption at rest to provide capabilities aligned with security and compliance
  • Cisco networking infrastructure for high performance, high throughput, low latency internal and external connectivity options
  • High speed / throughput internet connectivity with diverse, resilient 10 Gbps bandwidth – scaling up as demand increases
  • All deployed in highly redundant configurations

Resilient design and redundancy for max uptime.

It’s no secret that hardware fails. However, anticipating these potential issues and designing a cloud platform with uninterrupted operations in mind can make all the difference in terms of downtime.

With iland Cloud Platform, our physical systems are inherently redundant with each of its subsystems not dependent on any specific piece of physical hardware for operations. iland Cloud Platform features the following to support maximum uptime:

  • iland’s Cloud Platform uses robust virtualization software to withstand disruption to physical equipment.
  • Leverages a common reference design and common building block components to ensure consistency and reliability on performance – regardless of where the service is consumed globally.
  • iland services are backed by a 100% availability SLA.
  • Consistent, common reference architecture deployed globally for all iland Cloud infrastructure to provide a common basis for performance and uptime.
  • High performance, customer assigned compute, memory, storage and networking components – for consistent, reliable performance.

Strategic placement of iland Cloud Platform to improve
performance and protection.

The iland Cloud Platform’s physical regions have been strategically placed to support large population centers and data sovereignty needs through low latency and local access.

Locations include Los Angeles, Dallas, Reston, Sterling, London, Manchester, Amsterdam, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne, Toronto.

Each facility was selected to allow for geo-redundancy within compliance boundaries (e.g. hosting of production resources in London can be replicated to and from Manchester without leaving the governing body of the UK) and carrier neutrality.

iland global map

Available in all geographies that iland operates.

Designed to meet your unique business requirements, globally.
iland cloud regions were designed to meet the highest standards for security, compliance and performance possible today. With global availability, consistent infrastructure design, and unparalleled scale and flexibility, our cloud regions will be ready for your changing business.