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iland in Motion

Our video content explores topics from enterprise cloud infrastructure to specific iland products and services. See how the cloud can help your business.

iland Cloud and Cohesity: A new era of cloud performance and protection

Watch this webinar with iland Cloud and Cohesity to learn how the world of remote work has renewed the need for high performance cloud services combined with a new level of data protection to ensure mission critical applications are safe from internal and external threats.

Healthcare in the Cloud? Top 10 Considerations for Success

iland Cloud has been helping healthcare providers securely adopt cloud for their sensitive healthcare applications and data for over a decade.

How One Incident Led this City to Move Data Backup and Disaster Recovery to the Cloud

Learn how the City of Geneseo made the decision to move its infrastructure to the cloud and improve the protection of its critical data and applications.

Protecting your business: BaaS and DRaaS under the covers

Watch the iland experts to learn more about what types of security threats are targeted at organizations and how to mitigate these risks with Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).

Accelerate Your IT Initiatives with iland IaaS

See how iland Secure Cloud can go beyond traditional IaaS to give your organization the best benefits of cloud, without re-factoring or rearchitecting. Preserving your existing VMware investment, all from the same unified interface you’ve come to value from us

It’s time you make backup and DR mission-critical

Learn from the experts at iland to understand why backup and DR are no longer considered IT luxuries, but rather why they need to be viewed as a mission-critical strategy in every organization.

Cloud economics: Why hyperscalers will cost you more every time

When evaluating costs across multiple cloud providers, especially hyperscale clouds like Amazon, Azure, and Google, a new set of cost levers needs to be considered to realize the best combination of cost and performance that meets your specific business and application needs.

Beyond the Pandemic: 2021 IT Trends and Predictions

Watch a panel of industry visionaries from iland, Veeam and VMware as we recap 2020, and then ponder, pontificate, and predict what we think will happen in 2021 for IT leaders.

Want to win at cybersecurity? Learn to play offense and defense.

Watch iland’s Sarah Doherty, Jack Bailey, and Will Urban to hear how using a comprehensive defend, protect, and recovery approach to cybercrime can best protect your organization.

iland Cloud survey 2020: What do IT leaders want from their cloud providers?

Watch the “fireside chat” style panel to review the results of our cloud survey and discuss why these capabilities matter to customers.

Do I really need to backup Microsoft Office 365? YES!

Watch our webinar to learn why a backup strategy for Microsoft Office 365 is just as important as it is for onsite data.

Defeat Business Disruption with Zerto and iland

Watch to learn how the award-winning Zerto and iland cloud-based DRaaS can accelerate your ability to mitigate downtime no matter the situation.

The Future of Data Protection is Here: iland and Veeam v10

Watch iland’s Will Urban, Sr. Marketing Technologist, Corey Grone, Sr. Product Manager, and our Veeam guest, Brandon McCoy, Sr. System Engineer in a panel discussion to learn more about why customers are choosing iland Secure Cloud and Veeam 10 data protection solutions.

Five Obstacles Holding Back Your Hybrid Cloud Strategy

Watch this webinar with Justin Augat, iland VP, Product Marketing, Dusten Tornow, iland IaaS Senior Product Manager, and Will Urban, iland Senior Technologist to understand the power of hybrid cloud, and the benefits you can achieve as part of your IT strategy.

All Gain, No Pain Cloud Migration Roadmap

You can move existing VMware-based applications to the cloud pain-free, but you need a plan. Watch our on-demand webinar to hear Will Urban, iland’s Senior Marketing Technologist, explain how considering 10 key topics BEFORE you migrate to the cloud can save you from migration pains!

How to Prepare for 2020: Top IT Predictions

Hear from Veeam Senior Director - Product Strategy, Rick Vanover, GreenPages Cloud Architect, Chris Williams, Storage Switzerland LLC Lead Analyst, George Crump, iland Cloud Technologist, Brian Knudtson and Technical Product Marketing Manager, Will Urban for a fun and insightful recap of the major trends of 2019, predictions for 2020, and more!

Cybersecurity in the Age of Zero Trust

As organizations plan and develop new cloud strategies in pursuit of business advantage, taking a security-first approach to choosing a provider is critical to long-term success.

Is your cloud strategy ready for multi-cloud, 5G, edge computing, IOT, and beyond?

Are you prepared to embrace these emerging technologies? Watch our webinar with guest speaker, Forrester Vice President and Research Director, Glenn O’Donnell, Veeam VP of Product Strategy, Jason Buffington, iland CTO, Justin Giardina, and iland VP of Product Marketing, Justin Augat.

What to Consider When Moving a VMware Environment to the Cloud

Join Veeam’s Brandon McCoy, Cloud Sales Engineer and iland’s CTO Justin Giardina and VP of Product Marketing Justin Augat, for a fireside chat to learn why more customers are choosing specialized cloud platforms such as iland for their VMware-based work loads.

Cybercrime is on the rise. Is your company aware and prepared?

While there is no silver bullet to protect against all cyber attacks, iland has developed a comprehensive approach to threat prevention including a combination of security, backup, and disaster recovery services. Together, these services can significantly reduce your business risk, and in the worst situations, improve your ability to recover quickly.

The Journey to the Cloud is as Important as the Destination

By 2020, it’s expected that nearly 85 percent of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud. While the benefits of cloud are clear — flexibility, reduced overhead, and consumption-based pricing — the path to get to the cloud is often not.

You know you need to protect O365 data.

A vital part of your company’s cloud-adoption story is moving valuable data to Office 365. As an IT professional you recognize the need for vigorous data protection. It must mitigate threats including ill-intentioned insiders, accidental deletions, and even Office 365 outages preventing your workforce from working. You know you need to protect O365 data. In this webinar, we show you how.

iland and Veeam, Leaders Together

In this short video, Dante Orsini, iland SVP of Business Development sits down with Matt Kalmenson, Veeam VP of Sales for Cloud & Service Providers, to discuss this strategic partnership. Dante brings insight into this long-time partnership including the history, current success and future innovation.

iland Customer Case Study: Rentokil Initial

As a global company that operates in over 70 countries, Rentokil Initial needed to find the right cloud partner to meet their compliance and scalability needs. Watch this short video from VMworld 2018 to learn their top considerations for choosing a cloud provider as well as the benefits they've seen by standardizing on the iland cloud platform.

iland Customer Case Study: Cherwell Software

We sat down with Matt Gordon at Cherwell Software during VMworld 2018 to learn more about his experience moving to the cloud. Watch this short video to learn why they chose iland as their VMware cloud provider and how the business has benefitted from the partnership.

3 Reasons Why Disaster Recovery Is a Must-Have for 2019

Disaster recovery often gets cut from the budget because it's seen as an insurance policy. In today's 'always on' society that's simply not that case — disaster recovery a necessity. In this webinar, we cover the top three reasons why you need to include DR in your IT budget.

Office 365: Is it backed up? Are you sure?

While Microsoft does provide backups for your Office 365 data, the retention policies are limited. Do you know what Microsoft is backing up — and for how long? Are you prepared if you need to restore a file from last month? What happens when an employee leaves, who’s protecting and managing that data? Watch the webinar to get the answers to these questions and more!

The Great Disconnect of Data Protection: Perception, Reality and Best Practices

iland and Veeam recently conducted a data protection survey of IT organizations worldwide. In this webinar, we summarize and analyze the survey responses to help you understand today’s data protection landscape. Then, we cover best practices that can help ensure that your organization, and its data, are properly protected. Watch the webinar now.

Tech Talk Series: How to Size VMs and Workloads for Disaster Recovery

In this session, our Director of Solution Architecture will demonstrate how iland Catalyst can help you understand how much space, memory and compute you will need in the cloud based on your current usage. We will also cover how iland Catalyst can pre-validate and check your environment for compatibility to ensure success with your latest cloud initiative.

Tech Talk Series: Delving Into the iland Secure Console

Tech Talks is iland’s webinar series where you’ll hear straight from our technical experts. In this session, our Director of Solution Architecture takes you on a virtual tour of the iland Secure Cloud Console? to help you get a better understanding of our platform and its capabilities, and demonstrate the disaster recovery (DR) failover process.

IT Disaster Recovery: Simplifying IT Resilience With the Help of the Cloud

IT resilience is concentrated on continuous availability and continuous improvement. It allows organizations to innovate confidently knowing their environments are protected from disruption. From ransomware and disaster recovery, to migrations and hybrid cloud strategies watch this webinar to learn how cloud accelerates IT resilience objectives.

Veeam Me Up to the Cloud

IT professionals across the globe are dependent on resiliency plans to be always on and available for their internal and external customers. Yet, with everything else to do, how do you make sure that you are fully prepared and protected? Watch this webinar to learn how.

GDPR and Your Cloud Provider

With the introduction of GDPR, many businesses were forced to evaluate their usage of cloud services and ensure that they were in alignment with the entirety of the regulation. Our compliance team covers all of the things that you need to know to make sure your cloud is compliant in this on-demand webinar. Watch it now.

Overcoming the Top Challenges of Recovery to the Cloud

Hear from iland’s CTO about how cloud-based solutions with Veeam and iland can help you achieve availability and data protection. This webinar delves into the common issues faced when leveraging cloud-based backup and DR and provide examples of how these issues can be managed to ease the migration to a cloud environment.

GDPR. A Holistic Program Approach

The responsibility to implement GDPR doesn’t sit with just one department in an organization. The entire business is involved. In this webinar, we cover how you can structure your organization and coordinate between departments to successfully adhere to GDPR.

iland cloud customer Khatib & Alami features at VMworld Europe

Khatib & Alami, a leading engineering and architectural design company based in the Middle East, spoke at VMworld Europe about how iland IaaS and DRaaS solutions help them deploy and provision services quickly and securely for their clients.

Meeting Your GDPR Data Requirements While Residing in the Cloud

GDPR has a litany of rules and regulations to adhere to, both in the cloud and on-premesis. As cloud adoption continues to increase, the issue of securing, protecting and recovering data in the cloud is a big challenge faced by many companies. Watch this webinar to learn how you make sure your cloud footprint is in compliance with GDPR.

VMworld Europe interview with iland DRaaS customer, M J Mapp

Leading UK Property and Asset Management Company, M J Mapp, were at VMworld Europe sharing their experiences on how iland Secure DRaaS with Zerto protects their business with seamless migration of their VMware workloads to the iland cloud, achieving a RPO of 30 seconds.

Make the Case to Add Disaster Recovery to Your IT Budget

Disaster Recovery is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity and the cloud brings agility, scale and affordability that has never been seen before. Learn how iland has solved the traditional budgetary challenges and technical hurdles for our customers.

iland Interview at VMWorld Europe

Barry talks to Sam Woodcock of ILAND at VMworld 2017 in Barcelona about the conference, migrating to the cloud, DRaaS with Veeam, VMware and Zerto and how ILAND are helping their customers on the journey to their secure cloud platform.

Data protection, GDPR, Brexit and Cloud - Oh My!

With the introduction of GDPR, global companies are concerned about the impact of Brexit on data protection requirements. Hear from iland’s Compliance Director, Frank Krieger, as he covers important issues for IT and Compliance leaders during this transitional time.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service Demo from VMworld 2017

Watch the demo video of secure cloud hosting of vSphere virtual machines in the global VMware based iland Secure Cloud including cloud resource management functionality through the iland Secure Cloud console?.

Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service Demo from VMworld 2017

Watch the demo video of cloud-based disaster recovery which covers replication and failover of virtual machines in the global VMware based iland Secure Cloud.

Inside the 2017 Gartner DRaaS Magic Quadrant

Watch this webinar for a deep dive into the 2017 Gartner report and iland’s standings. We provide insights into the evolving disaster recovery needs in today’s marketplace, and how iland’s innovative DR solutions meet those needs.

The Ultimate Upgrade to Veeam Cloud Backup: The iland Secure Cloud Console - Gain unparalleled visibility

iland helps many organizations protect critical business data with our Secure Cloud Backup with Veeam service. Responding to customer needs, iland is the first cloud services provider to deliver visibility and management of backup resources through a single pane of glass management console.

Ransomware. Are you putting your company at risk?

The problem with ransomware is there is no single magic bullet. An understanding of complete overarching preventative and protective strategies is needed to combat this alarming threat to IT infrastructures everywhere.

R’Club protects children of first responders with iland and Veeam DRaaS

Watch this video to learn how Florida-­based nonprofit child care centers ensure ongoing IT operations with the iland Secure DRaaS with Veeam solution.

iland Cloud for Backup and Recovery

Watch ilanders Alex and Richard at a recent Computer World event and learn how iland is transforming how businesses consume cloud resources. With award winning Backup and DR as a service, iland offers a secure, enterprise cloud for backup, DR and production workloads. With a custom console, customers get visibility into everything necessary to manage their cloud protection strategies.

IT Resiliency: Moving Beyond Simple Disaster Recovery with the Cloud

The objective for IT leaders should be to achieve overall IT resiliency to truly ensure business continuity, despite increasing IT operational complexity, looming security risks, strained IT teams and a decreasing tolerance for IT service interruption. Learn how in our webinar.

Avoid Paying the Ransom

The threats to IT are becoming more diverse. IT doesn't need to worry about just power outages, human errors and weather events. Ransomware is increasingly becoming a threat, especially for hospitals and other healthcare organizations.

VEEAM ME UP TO THE CLOUD: How to Achieve Next Generation Backup and Disaster Recovery

Whether your nemesis is a malicious attack, a hurricane or human error, have you collected all the tools you need to keep your [U.S.S.] Enterprise safe?

The A-Z of Cloud Compliance: Privacy Shield, EU GDRPR HIPAA, ISO 27001 & SOC2

If you’re like 60% of businesses that get audited each year, this may be your lucky year to open those IT books and prove you’ve been compliant all along. Find out how to you can set yourself up for success.

Don't Pay the Ransom! Protect Yourself from Ransomware with Cloud

iland and Trend Mirco provide you with helpful ways to avoid ransomware, and address why you need a robust disaster recovery and back-up plan. 

5 Disaster Recovery Surprises and How to Prevent Them

The basics of DRaaS are understood: lightning-fast fail-over speeds, low-cost options, & geographic diversity. But, we know things still catch you by surprise.

Assertions and Attestations - Nailing Your Next Cloud Audit

Learn what to look for in cloud reporting (for HIPAA, SOC2 and ISO27001), how your cloud vendor can support you and what questions auditors typically ask.

Interview on Cloud Adoption Challenges at Cisco Live Berlin

iland executive, Dante Orsini, was interviewed at Cisco Live Berlin about how iland and Cisco are working together to deliver transparency, security and compliance to customers and support the next wave of cloud adoption through DevOps and APIs – all backed by Cisco validated designs.

Webinar OnDemand: Got Veeam? How to Pick a Provider to Complete Your Disaster Recovery Plan

Webinar on Demand: As you probably know, Veeam recently released v9 of its Veeam Availability Suite – and with it comes the option to do remote Disaster Recovery as a Service. Beyond just backup, this solution enables you to fail over if disaster strikes, keeping your business running all the while.

iland Secure Cloud Console

The ease of managing your cloud determines your success with cloud – so, learn how the iland Secure Cloud Console? delivers unsurpassed transparency, predictable costs, and easy access to our cloud capabilities – from network configuration to integrated backups. We collect and incorporate customer feedback continuously, and release new capabilities four times a year. This ensures you have access to the latest technology through the smoothest customer experience.

Leica Geosystems repositions for global growth with iland’s cloud based on VMware tech

Leica Geosystems made the move to cloud after its internal IT infrastructure couldn’t support the 24/7 high-precision GPS network customers demanded for applications like building monitoring, forensic investigations and agriculture. Since adopting cloud in the US and UK, its SmartNet service business has grown by leaps and bounds, and the iland Secure Cloud? platform has delivered the friction-free scalability necessary to support rising traffic volumes without bottlenecks or increased latency.

Veeam Cloud Connect: How to guide

This video provides a brief overview on configuring Veeam Backup and Replication v8 to use iland cloud for data protection.