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Infrastructure-as-a-Service Demo from VMworld 2017

Watch the demo video of secure cloud hosting of vSphere virtual machines in the global VMware based iland Secure Cloud including cloud resource management functionality through the iland Secure Cloud console℠.

Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service Demo from VMworld 2017

Watch the demo video of cloud-based disaster recovery which covers replication and failover of virtual machines in the global VMware based iland Secure Cloud.

How to Execute a Successful Disaster Recovery Plan

Learn best practices of DRaaS and gain insight into how customers are achieving secure business continuity with Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service.

R’Club protects children of first responders with iland and Veeam DRaaS

Watch this video to learn how Florida-­based nonprofit child care centers ensure ongoing IT operations with the iland Secure DRaaS with Veeam solution.

iland Cloud for Backup and Recovery

Watch ilanders Alex and Richard at a recent Computer World event and learn how iland is transforming how businesses consume cloud resources. With award winning Backup and DR as a service, iland offers a secure, enterprise cloud for backup, DR and production workloads. With a custom console, customers get visibility into everything necessary to manage their cloud protection strategies.

Interview on Cloud Adoption Challenges at Cisco Live Berlin

iland executive, Dante Orsini, was interviewed at Cisco Live Berlin about how iland and Cisco are working together to deliver transparency, security and compliance to customers and support the next wave of cloud adoption through DevOps and APIs – all backed by Cisco validated designs.

Webinar OnDemand: Got Veeam? How to Pick a Provider to Complete Your Disaster Recovery Plan

Webinar on Demand: As you probably know, Veeam recently released v9 of its Veeam Availability Suite – and with it comes the option to do remote Disaster Recovery as a Service. Beyond just backup, this solution enables you to fail over if disaster strikes, keeping your business running all the while.

Webinar OnDemand: The Latest Safe Harbor Developments – What EU Companies Need to Know

Many companies are wondering how to leverage cloud technologies while remaining compliant with EU data transfer laws. With recent announcements about agreements between the US and the EU on data transfers across the Atlantic, there are some things you need to know.

Webinar OnDemand : Cloud, HIPAA and the IT Healthcare Revolution

With news that OCR is expected to strengthen HIPAA enforcement in 2016, companies bound by HIPAA compliance continue to be rightfully hesitant to make the leap to cloud – whether for hosting workloads, or as a target for disaster recovery plans.

Webcast OnDemand : Control and Management in the Cloud

We assembled a team of experts covering all perspectives on Cloud – the end-user (Fusion), the provider (iland), the partner (Cisco), and the analyst (Freeform Dynamics) – for an in-depth panel discussion moderated by our friends at The Register. The result was an intimate webcast on the topics of cloud, security, compliance, and technical support.

Has cloud tripled your to-do list? See the great cloud bake-off!

See how Amazon and iland fare, side by side. What does it take to get these simple daily tasks done on each platform? Are you trading deployment agility for management pain? Have things gotten MORE painful since you moved to cloud?

EU Safe Harbor Ruling – Implications for Cloud Compliance

Navigating constantly changing compliance requirements can be challenging for IT organizations – and cloud computing brings another level of complexity. Join iland and HyTrust in this webinar where we’ll take a look at the regulatory landscape faced by IT today; including implications for the recently nullified EU Safe Harbor regulation.

VMware and iland Help Fusion Business Solutions with Flexible Cloud Infrastructure

Fusion Business Solutions places their trust in the iland cloud to meet their customers’ demands for infrastructure availability, performance and scalability. With global and secure data centers built on VMware infrastructure, iland delivers flexible Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions combined with market-leading visibility and management control through the iland Secure Cloud Console℠. Watch the video to find out more.

iland Secure Cloud Console

The ease of managing your cloud determines your success with cloud – so, learn how the iland Secure Cloud Console℠ delivers unsurpassed transparency, predictable costs, and easy access to our cloud capabilities – from network configuration to integrated backups. We collect and incorporate customer feedback continuously, and release new capabilities four times a year. This ensures you have access to the latest technology through the smoothest customer experience.

Webinar: Proactively Address Cloud Security

IT organizations are challenged by achieving the levels of security and compliance they need to safely leverage cloud agility. To address this, iland has recently released iland Secure Cloud℠ with features including vulnerability scanning, encryption, malware detection and on-demand security reporting.

Leica Geosystems repositions for global growth with iland’s cloud based on VMware tech

Leica Geosystems made the move to cloud after its internal IT infrastructure couldn’t support the 24/7 high-precision GPS network customers demanded for applications like building monitoring, forensic investigations and agriculture. Since adopting cloud in the US and UK, its SmartNet service business has grown by leaps and bounds, and the iland Secure Cloud℠ platform has delivered the friction-free scalability necessary to support rising traffic volumes without bottlenecks or increased latency.

Veeam Cloud Connect: How to guide

This video provides a brief overview on configuring Veeam Backup and Replication v8 to use iland cloud for data protection.

iland Alleviates Cloud Burdens for Companies

Listen in as Lilac Schoenbeck, iland’s VP of product marketing and management; Dante Orsini, iland’s SVP of business development; and Jennifer Brenner, iland’s SVP of marketing hash out how companies are forced to do heavy lifting when it comes to planning, implementing and managing their public cloud resources and how iland is making major moves to alleviate this burden.

VMworld 2014 time lapse: LEGO enterprise cloud mural

Calling all LEGO lovers! Check out art in the making – time lapse style. At VMworld 2014 in San Francisco, iland teamed up with Eric Harshbarger to build a LEGO cloud mural. Harshbarger’s works have appeared on national television shows, including NBC News’ “TODAY.” Visit to see how iland can speed your path to cloud benefits.

Avoid cloud pitfalls: Monitor & manage on the go

Many companies continue to struggle when making their move to cloud because they are forced to sacrifice the clear visibility and convenient control they are accustomed to getting from their local data centers. See how the iland Secure Cloud Console℠ (Summer 2014 update) and mobile app enable teams to easily monitor and control their cloud costs and resources on the go.

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Casualties of Cloud Wars: Customers Are Paying the Price

A new independent survey reveals the frustrations, pitfalls, failures and confusion many customers of the big box cloud vendors have experienced in their move to cloud.

Is your DR partying like its 1999?

Flashback to the ’90s with our disaster recovery experts as they break traditional DR assumptions that were born in another decade. Ready to refresh your DR plan? Watch this recorded webinar to discover how the latest advances can give you faster failover and better recovery points, all at a lower cost.

Leveraging VMware Technology To Build an Enterprise Grade Openstack Cloud

Take a deep look into what a VMware vSphere backend can bring to an Openstack deployment. It's Not Always About KVM! iland's Justin Giardina, CTO, and Julien Anguenot, director of software engineering, lead this session in front of a packed house during the 2014 Openstack Summit in Atlanta.

iland Video Blog: Overcoming the Barriers to Cloud

While cloud computing is a pervasive idea, many companies are struggling to either adopt cloud or realize its promised benefits. Cloud gurus from River Meadow and iland discuss how to get started in the cloud and overcome obstacles as they arise.

Tackling the Complexities of Cloud

Watch this recorded webinar to see how the new iland Secure Cloud Console℠ provides unmatched visibility into the true costs of cloud as well as performance, security and compliance data.

iland Video Blog: IT Governance and the Cloud

iland's Lilac Schoenbeck, VP of product management & marketing, and Dante Orsini, SVP of business development, discuss ideas on how to provide cloud resources while maintaining IT oversight.

iland Video Blog: 2014 Cloud Predictions

How did cloud services mature in 2013 and what does 2014 hold? Based on insights from customers across the US and UK, iland’s Dante Orsini outlines his take and two primary reasons IT and business lines are looking to turn to the cloud in 2014.

iland Video Blog: iland Secure Cloud Console

iland Secure Cloud℠ is now equipped with an innovative new console to give customers private cloud visibility and performance in a public cloud environment.

iland Video Blog: The March to Hybrid IT

Study says 40% of IT orgs are in the cloud, but is that number too low? Is the initial implementation of cloud services giving you sticker shock? Find out how to control costs.

Five Reasons to Keep Disaster Recovery in Your 2014 Budget

Planning for redundancy, in both infrastructure and data protection, is crucial to protecting your business from the many causes of downtime and lost revenue.

iland Deploys Customers Faster with Dell

iland executives discuss how switching to Dell Active System Manager has led to a 37% reduction in deployment costs while deploying 5 times faster.

iland VP Dante Orsini Talks About Cloud Solutions for SaaS

Hear iland Vice President of Business Development, Dante Orsini talk about custom cloud solutions found exclusively at iland.

iland's Dante Orsini talks about iland and Dell 

iland's Dante Orsini talks about Dell's stack at the Cloud & Big Data Expo