Financial Compliance

Built-in security and compliance to meet the requirements of financial services companies

Payment Card Industry (PCI-DSS)
Both with internal auditors and external third-party audits iland maintains strict adherence to PCI-DSS standards used in the housing and processing of payment card activities. Customers and prospects alike are encouraged to review iland’s audit report, our policies and processes, and ensure that iland’s controls are in alignment with your organization’s controls and review iland’s PCI-DSS compliance documentation.
Secure Public Sector Cloud Services
Payment Card Industry security requirements are not to be taken lightly, with breaches occurring at an unprecedented rate you can’t just assume your provider is doing what they should with the underpinnings of your platform, you need to be able to see it and validate it. iland performs annual penetration testing in social engineering, code reviews as well as system and physical access and provides to its customers the results! We’re happy to prove our posture!

iland’s internal operations and iland’s US data center locations are SOC 2 and ISO 27001 compliant.

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Expert Compliance Services
The iland Secure Cloud platform provides many of the control mechanisms and reporting needed to address compliance requirements. However, both configuring the environment according to your needs – and sifting through the paperwork of an audit – is best done hand-in-hand with an iland certified compliance professional.

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