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Combines the proven technology of Secure Public Cloud with dedicated resources to deliver unprecedented performance and security.
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The Right Cloud Solution for Your Most Critical Workloads

The applications that drive businesses today have a variety of requirements that often necessitate a hybrid approach to your IT portfolio in order to best address key issues including performance, security, compliance and licensing. For your most mission critical applications such as ERP systems like SAP Hana, Oracle or Epicor, a private cloud might be the best option, while other applications can be easily hosted and accessed in iland’s public cloud offering. Matching the right cloud solution to your various workloads is all important and can make a huge difference in both the economics and overall performance of your applications and by extension, your business.

iland Hosted Private Cloud was designed to achieve the benefits of iland Secure Public Cloud, including scale and efficiency, but in a secure, single-tenant model that ensures resources are ready for maximum performance, and can be individualized to meet cost requirements. iland’s robust, private cloud offering features over 25 pre-built, dedicated configurations.

The iland Hosted Private Cloud solution stands out among cloud offerings not only in terms of cost efficiency, but also because of iland’s thoughtful and proven cloud migration support. iland’s core strengths in these areas enable you to realize the full potential of your existing VMware workloads in a private cloud environment without refactoring, while delivering the highest performance and efficiency possible in the cloud.

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Use Cases

iland Hosted Private Cloud is ideal for:

  • Secure Cloud Workloads
    Mission critical workloads with demanding
    performance/RAM requirements.
  • Secure Cloud Compliance
    Applications with specific regulatory, compliance,
    and data sovereignty needs.
  • Secure Cloud Flexibility
    Applications with unique, CPU-based pricing models
    that need hardware flexibility.
  • Secure Cloud Customization Criteria
    Applications that require extensive customization
    across several criteria.
  • Secure Cloud High Performance
    High performance and security disaster recovery
    and data protection use cases.
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Secure Cloud Resource Efficiency

Resource Efficiency

iland Hosted Private Cloud resources are purchased in blocks that align with server size providing highest levels of utilization.

Secure Cloud High Performance

High Performance and License Optimization

Dedicated servers to meet your most demanding application needs and unique licensing requirements.

Secure Cloud Fast Data Retrieval and Recovery


You can leverage the right storage media for your application’s performance needs – from object storage to all-flash.

Secure Cloud Small Databases


Have a unique application or need a specific configuration? You can scale storage and compute resources independently, ensuring application cost and performance optimization.

Secure Hosted Cloud


Built in N+1 resiliency model to ensure system availability in the event of component failure.

Secure Private Cloud Hybrid-ready


The dedicated iland Hosted Private Cloud, in combination with iland Secure Public Cloud, enables you to quickly overcome the challenges of creating and managing a true hybrid cloud platform – giving you the choice to deploy the right solution for your full application landscape.

What's the difference between iland's Secure Public Cloud and Secure Private Cloud?

VMware transformation made simple.

All iland Secure Cloud Services Include:

  • Secure Cloud Hosting VMware based technology
    VMware-based technology.
    The underlying technology that delivers the cloud service matters. iland uses proven technology from leading vendors including VMware, HPE Nimble, Cisco, Trend Micro, and Tenable.
  • Secure Cloud Hosting Right-sized cloud for your workloads.
    Right-sized cloud for your workloads.
    Dedicated strategy and deployment services provide you with the ability to quickly extend your existing VMware-based workloads to the cloud without the effort and disruption of replatforming your applications.
  • Secure Cloud Hosting Multi-layered security.
    Multi-layered security.
    iland Secure Cloud includes managed, purpose-selected security across all services. iland security is directly integrated into the iland Secure Cloud Console to provide for ease of use, transparency, and control
  • Secure Cloud Hosting All-inclusive consumption-based pricing.
    All-inclusive consumption-based pricing.
    iland’s consumption-based service model is measured on actual usage of resources, not allocation. This provides you with high levels of utilization, reduces complexity, and improves forecast accuracy. All-inclusive pricing means no additional or hidden charges.
  • Secure Cloud Hosting Dedicated compliance team.
    Dedicated compliance team.
    To help make the transition to cloud easier from a compliance standpoint, and to help tackle your geographic and/or industry-specific regulatory requirements, iland maintains an in-house compliance team that is ready to support you.
  • Secure Cloud Hosting Migration made easy.
    Migration made easy.
    Easily migrate existing VMware applications and workloads to a proven cloud platform designed for performance, availability, and security. No refactoring or re-architecting required.
  • null
    Managed up to the hypervisor.
    iland manages all cloud resources, up to the hypervisor including security, storage, and compute resources. Management is included with all services.
  • Secure Cloud Hosting Familiar management.
    Familiar management.
    Service management is made easy through tools and capabilities that are similar to those already used on-premises, to allow for your existing skills to transfer across environments.
  • Secure Cloud Hosting Unified management.
    Unified management.
    Benefit from unified management through the iland Secure Cloud Console, built-in data protection, and integrated security across all services including public cloud, private cloud, backup, disaster recovery, and more.
  • Secure Cloud Hosting Premium 24/7/365 support included.
    24/7/365 support included.
    Our support team is available by phone, email and ticketing system to address your questions. iland understands that technical questions represent time and money to our customers, so we strive to resolve issues rapidly with our committed technical team in each region.

Optional Features and Capabilities:

  • Secure Cloud Hosting Network Support Services.
    Network Support Services.
    iland offers Network Support services and multi-cloud connectivity to give you the flexibility to maintain and preserve your existing network policies and investments to ensure your workloads can communicate. This also allows you to proceed with your existing corporate network strategy without disruption.
  • Integrated Secure Disaster Recovery Feature
    Integrated iland Secure Disaster Recovery.
    For complete protection of your mission-critical application environment, customers can add our industry-leading Disaster Recovery as a Service to all Secure Public and Private Cloud services.
  • Secure Cloud Hosting Backup and Disaster Recovery.
    Backup and Disaster Recovery.
    Included with all services is built-in backup to protect against internal and external threats. Additionally, our industry-leading Disaster Recovery as a Service is available for complete data protection and recovery.
  • Colocation Feature
    For customers looking to reduce the costs of or eliminate their existing data center, but have legacy equipment that cannot be moved to the cloud (including mainframe solutions and industry-specific hardware/software) iland offers co-location service to provide customers with the benefits of hosting off-site.

Simplified pricing for predictability.

iland Hosted Private Cloud pricing is all-inclusive based on the CPU and RAM usage
(dedicated, high availability blades with different options for performance), and
storage capacity usage of the environment/application. This pricing includes
unlimited transactions, bandwidth, and tier 1 customer support.

Get started with iland Secure Private Cloud

iland’s Secure Cloud offers a global footprint with benefits including an award-winning console, cost efficiencies, ease-of-use, consistent performance and high availability.

NordOps Testimonial


“We started NordOps in 2016 and have been partnering with iland since Day One. From the start, we knew we wanted a reliable partner who could handle the infrastructure and provide our customers with top tier investment and expertise. iland was always a natural fit to help launch our business.”

–Oliver Aaltonen . Co-founder, Owner

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Available in all geographies that iland operates.

Designed to meet your unique business requirements, globally.
iland cloud regions were designed to meet the highest standards for security, compliance and performance possible today. With global availability, consistent infrastructure design, and unparalleled scale and flexibility, our cloud regions will be ready for your changing business.


I have an existing VMware-based workload that I would like to move to the cloud. Does iland require any refactoring of the application?

No, iland Secure Private Cloud is built on proven VMware technology. This means you can migrate your VMware workload to a dedicated VMware-based iland private cloud easily and run your applications natively. No refactoring required!

With iland private cloud, can you design a solution for my specific application? "T-shirt sized" models either cost too much, or do not meet performance expectations.

Yes. Because iland Hosted Private Cloud is dedicated to you, we can configure the compute, storage, security, and more to meet your individual business and application needs. Examples include more memory for I/O intensive applications, more storage for data intensive applications, or a specific CPU core count designed to optimize your application licensing cost structure.

I want to move to the cloud, but do not have the time or inhouse resources to ensure I do it right the first time. Can iland help with the planning and migration?

Yes, iland offers planning and migration services with all solutions. We use proprietary software (iland Catalyst) to size your resource needs and validate the experience before migration. Our team of professionals will migrate your workloads to the cloud (using industry leading tools and proven methodologies) on time and with reduced risk.

What are the different ways I can connect to iland's services?

  • iland Zipline: iland Zipline leverages Megaport’s on-demand, software defined, network with on-ramps at over 600 data centers globally. Zipline provides virtual, cross-connect connectivity to enable you to build private, high-performance, highly-reliability connections to your own data centers, as well as other cloud providers. You can also have iland Zipline provisioned between your private data center and iland as part of a hybrid cloud environment, migration project, or disaster recovery project. With Zipline, you can connect all your workloads wherever they are running to ensure common application communication
  • VPN over internet: iland supports common VPN protocols to securely tunnel network traffic between environments – including IPsec VPN, OpenVPN, and Wireguard. IPsec is the most common protocol in use, and can provide an on-demand, secure connection between cloud providers.
  • Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN): SD-Wan can be used to help ease the burdens of communication between remote offices, data centers, and cloud environments. You can use SD-WAN to dynamically build secure VPN tunnels between end-points, monitor communication performance, and automatically adjust the traffic flows.